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a person who identifies and studies birds in their natural habitats


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We had arranged to meet Robert Steele, a ranger and fellow birder, when he arrived at the park at 6 a.
T has been a week of detective work for birders in North Wales.
Both simple and straightforward, Bird Homes and Habitats was comprehensive and thoroughly summarized the habitat and nesting needs of common backyard birds for the novice birder to the expert "nest-box landlord.
Doug Whitman High school birder with over 300 life birds (so far)
The prevalence of these small, inexpensive tools is increasing at a rate that concerns many recreational birders, said Michael Webster, a professor and director of Cornell University's Macaulay Library archive, the repository for more than 200,000 bird call recordings -- 150,000 of which people can use online.
Founded in 2000 by Devasar and another enthusiastic birder, Richa Bhaskar, Delhibird has come a long way.
Twenty years ago, groups of birders would team up and race each other, trying to see as many species as possible in 24 hours.
A tick - the best Christmas present a birder can get.
Birds of Cleveland is a 350-page work completed over a number of years by local birder Martin Blick.
In Saugus, one patient birder pointed out 250quail.
Consider Cuba to the one of the most birder-friendly countries around, and expect a flood of birders from the United States whenever travel to Cuba is legalized.
In 1953 birder Roger Tory Peterson and British naturalist James Fisher journeyed for a hundred days covering some thirty thousand miles around North America, noting their discoveries in WILD AMERICA: here on the 50th anniversary of their trip naturalist Scott Weidensaul retraces their steps and tells of his findings in RETURN TO WILD AMERICA: A YEARLONG SEARCH FOR THE CONTINENT'S NATURAL SOUL.
record by 43 for a total of 666 species, except that Kaufman ended up finishing second that year to fellow birder Floyd Murdoch (Kaufman 315).
Using language easily understood by novice and experienced birder alike Editor Forshaw presents a good concise overview of birds in general and specific birds, their habitat, habits and needs in particular.