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to keep (another) under surveillance by moving along behind

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Beyond the sheer honor it was is to be selected to participate in the nomination process for the 2014 Birddog Jamboree benefactor, it is really about the benefit to the dogs we love.
Because the body weight is supported by one knee and elbow in the birddog position, which is an unstable status, the torque of the arm and leg is greater and the multifidus muscle shows a higher activation potential.
Birddog is the name given to Blondie, a golden retriever who learnt to fly using her big floppy ears, with the help of her friends Bumble Bee, Swallow and Craw the eagle.
Adam who gew up in North Wales and has lived in Penygroes, Beaumaris, Llangoed and Penmon, performs with the London-based DJ Birddog as Akira The Don and is very cool when he talks about the excitement he has caused among America's musical elite.
With 988 combat missions under his belt in such aircraft as the F-4 Phantom, F-105 Thunderchief, O-1 Birddog, A-7D Corsair, F-16 Falcon and the A/OA 10 Thunderbolt II--known as the "Warthog"--it's no wonder King did everything he could to keep his career off the ground.
Cooper Astoria Nick Efteriades Attention Shoppers Lysa Hayland Beyond the Pale George Bazala Birddog Kelley Baker Brushfire Daniel Schaublin Charming Billy William R.
Every carrier contacted has agreed to participate along with other companies including BirdDog Solutions, eShipping Logistics, and others.
Services: BirdDog Logistics brings class-leading freight management services to shippers in need of reliable truckload, temperature-controlled, lessthan-truckload, intermodal, flatbed, ocean, air and oversized transportation solutions.
The country's major service provider of affirmative action plans and OFCCP compliance solutions, OutSolve, has entered a strategic partnership with BirdDog, a rising leader in recruiting and applicant tracking software and solutions.
In conjunction with Coastal Flow Measurement's April 15, 2010 re-launch of its website, the company announced that its BirdDog Remote Data Retrieval Services site and underlying systems have been upgraded.
In a move that will further strengthen ties with fleet owners and freight carriers, BirdDog Logistics Services, LLC, has acquired CTG Financial, LLC, a privately owned factoring services provider.
19 November 2015 - US-based third-party logistics provider Transportation Insight has acquired of BirdDog Solutions, a provider of parcel logistics solutions in North America, the company said.
John founded The BirdDog Group, a marketing and sales consulting firm that specializes in helping small businesses increase profitability.
The website promises to comprehensively present the full array of the company's energy measurement products and services; deliver corporate news, announcements and event schedules; offer links to training courses, technical papers and similar resources; provide direct access to the BirdDog [TM] services site, with its new look and significant enhancements; and allow online information requests to be submitted for the entire family of Coastal Flow companies.
In the past 18 months, for example, there have been three different vendors that popped up to focus on visibility in spending on parcel shipping: IntraVex, nSite, and BirdDog Solutions.