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Synonyms for birdcall

the characteristic sound produced by a bird

a device for imitating a birdcall

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To attract passing swiftlets, harvesters broadcast birdcalls through loudspeakers for 24 hours a day like Thiu does.
Frechette is only 10 years old, but is already a seasoned mimic of the wilderness' most noted birdcall, said her dad, Glen Nolan.
All eyes were on me as they roared with laughter at my unintentional birdcall.
The following morning, while sitting on my tree trunk waiting for my clothes to dry, I again hear dthe birdcall.
Use binoculars to spy on birds, play the birdcall game and make a birdbox.
During the programme, the artists can be seen feeding back through instruments like backwards electric guitar, no-input mixing board, feedback matrixer, hearing aids, birdcall, home-made electronic, electro-acoustic, electro-magnetic and radio devices.
The 74-year-old American Alvin Lucier is credited with using binaural microphones and birdcall and was described by a pop critic, Paul Morley, as being equal only to Kylie Minogue in terms of his relevance to contemporary music.
Play the birdcall game to find your mate and make a bird box.
Ray Woods, from the Countryside Council for Wales said he had not yet heard a cuckoo in Llandrindod Wells and television 'birdman' Iolo Williams said the birdcall had not yet been reported in Mid or North Wales.
Birdcall identifiers that mimic the sounds of birds using microchips and even computerized telescopes that open up the wonders of the Milky Way are finding their way onto river raft trips.
Denied its distinctions as art, art becomes a democracy of attention in which basic binomial patterns of sameness and difference are key: birdcall, Simonize, nitid, fee.
On a stroll, you can stop to examine a particularly vibrant green fern, sniff a flower, or pinpoint the source of a birdcall.
She sketches the lush West Indies with spare sentences that repeat key phrases like a drum beat or a birdcall until the reader is almost chanting them.
Birdcall against stone wall: etruscan: roman: romanesque:
He hypothesizes--which is all any psychoanalytic critic can do--that an infant's primal cry is something absolute, like a birdcall ("a pure manifestation of vocal resonance linked to a state of internal displeasure" [p.