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Synonyms for birdcall

the characteristic sound produced by a bird

a device for imitating a birdcall

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One might have in mind the birdcalls that echo at moments of heightened conflict in the Color of God; at times they proclaim the innocence of the boy Mohammad, and at other times they cast judgment on his father, taking on a shrill and haunting sound.
The prices of the birdcall cassettes vary, between 20,000 rupiah to 5 million rupiah.
A few hours later I heard the now familiar birdcall.
We do have a tuning fork in us that continues to vibrate to the ocean's susurrations and contrapuntal thump--to the seasons' scented swell, with birdcall ebullience and the amphibians chiming in.
After a particularly wounding dig, Mezon let out an indignant gasp which he then dropped to his knees and repeated, morphing the sound into a birdcall.
He was one of several Song poets who wrote elaborately punning herb-name songs and birdcall verses.
22) Vonnegut makes reference to several different modes of communication; the book itself is subtitled "A Duty-Dance with Death," and begins the story of Billy Pilgrim with the command "Listen:" He ends the book with the onomatopoeiac birdcall "Poo-tee-weet?
There are more than 100 varieties of Chinese opera, with many of them being performed in Shanghai today although it can be an acquired taste, one memorable comment being "as if a truck full of wind chimes collided with a stack of empty drums during a birdcall contest.
Perfectly structured, its journey starts in the east--with tropical birdcall, tabla and dhol (South Asian percussion instruments, the latter bearing specifically Punjabi connotations), snake-charming bagpipe-flute or been, and a classical vocal refrain--but, as the sleeve notes describe, "the percussion stacks up gradually, building up a nice bustling groove.
As he sits outside polishing silverware, he hears a thrasher calling him; this birdcall signals the appearance of the slave Bundy, and with him the possibility of freedom.
15) In the BirdCall relation, we manually cleaned the secondary keys--but not the primary keys--by fixing spelling errors.
Frechette is only 10 years old, but is already a seasoned mimic of the wilderness' most noted birdcall, said her dad, Glen Nolan.
All eyes were on me as they roared with laughter at my unintentional birdcall.
The following morning, while sitting on my tree trunk waiting for my clothes to dry, I again hear dthe birdcall.