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a cage in which a bird can be kept

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The company's Summer 2015 Collection of DIY terrarium kits expands on those acclaimed products by offering fun summer DIY projects that combine low water plants with indoor and outdoor planters such as vintage birdcages and hanging living picture frames.
Another popular DIY succulents kit from the collection is "The Birdcage," a vintage birdcage full of drought-friendly succulents like sedum, echeveria, euphorbia, and sempervivum.
A hanging birdcage looks gorgeous at night filled with candles.
WINGED COWS, a runner with a bird cage on his head, a hybrid of a bird, and a dog and a woman balanced on a car with a golden birdcage affixed upon her shoulders in place of a head.
Flowers in a birdcage are perfect for a summer wedding
Ida Yerger, a friend of mine from Jackson, shares the story of a small Victorian birdcage that her grandparents brought back from the Panama Canal years ago.
Organize your desk with a small vintage birdcage (found at the Butterchurn in Clinton).
I mean, if I want to read about birdcages, I'll look in the organic offerings, but if I wanted to buy a birdcage--right now--I'd look at the AdWords ads.
Entrapment was also the theme of London-based Japanese artist Yukinori Yamada's Stay with Me, 2000, a series of birdcages made from cut-up bird-food cartons--a variation on the axiom that there are no free lunches.
This garden-focused line will introduce new and unexpected items such as birdcages, candleholders, gardener's apron and a mosaic fountain, all with the feel of personal memorabilia.
And yes, strange as it might sound, ornamental birdcages are gracing the pages of all the top interiors titles at the moment.
QWhere can I find an ornamental birdcage to use as a decorative accessory in my home?
They quickly decided to make antiqued floral birdcages as centerpieces and to give them to the bride and her bridesmaids as gifts from the mother of the groom.
Materials needed: Vintage birdcage with a solid floor Dishwashing liquid Electric drill Light fitting Electrical cord (flex) Cord grip ?
Materials needed: Vintage birdcage with a solid floor, dishwashing liquid, electric drill, light fitting, electrical cord (flex), cord grip | Clean your birdcage thoroughly with dishwashing liquid.