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yes," I stammered, trying to convince my dinner partner of Lily's subversive celebration of everything artistically incorrect: birdbrained femininity, shallow kindness, and mawkish cheer all colored with a ham-fisted lack of irony.
FEATHERS are flying at a university where students and staff are embroiled in a birdbrained row.
SETTING up home in an ashtray sounds like a birdbrained idea, but it hasn't stopped these blue tits.
Another birdbrained disaster fest from the visually fertile, narratively challenged mind of Roland Emmerich (``Independence Day,'' the CG ``Godzilla''), ``Tomorrow'' is, as the environmental activists will tell you, a cautionary tale about global warming.
WOULD someone please tell me who is the birdbrained knucklehead who came up with the idea of a Duvet Day?
SINGER Bjork really had a birdbrained idea when deciding what to wear for last year's big event - the swan outfit is bad enough but what's going on with her Nora Batty tights?
Flying tonight nearly turned to frying tonight for birdbrained Chips.