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an ornamental basin (usually in a garden) for birds to bathe in

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The birdbath was a "Pompeii ash" colour, with a wide basin at the top and a bulbus stem.
Northumbria Police said the elderly victim was very distressed following the theft and in response to the note has penned her own letter to the thief in an effort to persuade them to return the birdbath.
Easy to clean and fill, the birdbath is made from durable weatherproof poly-resin that will not chip or fade.
Operated by a touch screen panel from the air traffic control tower, Birdbath adjusts its spray pattern to accommodate different sizes of aircraft and also compensates for wind speed and direction automatically.
She picked up sticks, put away toys, and filled the birdbath with clean water.
From silverware hooks made of old serving utensils, to a birdbath crafted of a lampshade, to a trellis composed of disused golf clubs, these projects encourage both responsible recycling and artistic flair.
Guided by that principle, metal sculptor Tom Torrens designed this three-tiered copper birdbath and fountain (which also serves as an investment-worthy work of art) for his own garden.
Glue the flowers and the birdbath on cardboard cut to match their outlines.
Photos of flowers, a birdbath, a garden bench (from catalogs, magazines, etc.
TIP OF THE WEEK: If you have standing water in your garden - in an ornamental pool, lily pond or birdbath - you can keep away the mosquitoes by using Mosquito Dunks.
Ducklings love jumping off a dock, or drinking from a birdbath, but most important duckling love YOU.
turned to the RTP Company for help in selecting a plastic compound for the design of a "more sophisticated and functional birdbath.
Do not run the excavator through the birdbath for cleaning.
Springtime Oasis, 2000, presents a motley group of jays and sparrows perched on a birdbath, surrounded by bright, pastel spring flowers; a ye llow gingham pattern fills the background.
One answer is found in "From Birdbaths to Bowls" (page 30) , where a cache of gauze and a birdbath are used in a clever highschool project that combines sculptural and painting skills.