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a zoologist who studies birds

a person who identifies and studies birds in their natural habitats


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A British bird-watcher was trampled to death by an elephant near a southern Indian tiger reserve he had been visiting for years, his guide and police told AFP on Friday.
We love seeing them as we are both really keen bird-watchers.
Brian says: "I describe my book as the story of a rural environment as seen through the eyes of a lifelong bird-watcher.
Sponsored by the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the 10th annual Great Backyard Bird Count tally is expected to draw tens of thousands of bird-watchers from across North America.
Most bird-watchers are aware they're here so they expect to see them,'' said Kimball Garrett, ornithology collections manager at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.
A bird-watcher spotted the body, thought to be that of a young woman, on a sandbank.
In this beautifully presented book, Gibson, an avid bird-watcher and novelist, collects a multitude of writings and imagery that celebrate the special relationship between birds and people.
An avid bird-watcher, he's also been known to remove the sounds of Canadian birds from the soundtrack of the television show ``Smallville,'' which, although filmed in Vancouver, is set in Kansas.
The luck of the draw,'' said Newbury Park resident Babette Lawall, a longtime bird-watcher on her first counting expedition.
During the last week of April, an e-mail zinging through the bird-watcher community spilled the beans on one of the biggest and best-kept secrets in ornithology.
In this irreverent book, Barnes reveals the hidden joys of being a bad bird-watcher.
1 -- color) ``Tide Out'' is among paintings by artist and bird-watcher Ron Smith.
It's just a recreational and educational experience, and the Christmas count is aimed mainly at environmental protection, to protect habitat and protect different species of birds,'' said Vic Hostetter, acting president of the 800-member chapter and bird-watcher for 45 years.
I like it because I can enjoy the scenery and the plants and birds,'' said Patricia Burnett, an occasional bird-watcher from Oak Park who turned out Sunday for Soka University's Beginners' Bird Walk.
Bird-watcher Lois Coleman of Glendora, who has paddled in Alaska and local ocean waters alike, was at Casitas in a tandem kayak with her daughter, Lynn Coleman of Ojai.