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Synonyms for bird watcher

a zoologist who studies birds

a person who identifies and studies birds in their natural habitats


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Earlier, I had stayed at Negi's Kakdagad camp, but bird watching was as exciting as ever at Mukkumath.
Y Ghorpade, former Minister and a member of Sandur Royal family, inculcated the bird watching hobby among students in the area.
Muscat: Students of Indian School Seeb, who are part of the school's Bird Watching Club organised a visit to Al Ansab wetland -- a wildlife habitat located in the heart of Muscat.
ESO concluded the activities with a bird watching tour on Day 2 for visitors and keen bird watchA[degrees] ers to Al Ansab.
Bird watching holidays are becoming more popular with tourists around the world.
Who would have thought that a comedy about bird watching could be so brilliant?
ALMOST 5,000 people have taken part in an annual bird watching survey in Warwickshire.
BIRD WATCHING offers author Paula McCartney's handwritten notes on birds and observations with photos of birds in natural settings across the country, and makes for a powerful survey that is not all that it first seems at first glance.
Packham, 49, left his co-hosts Kate Humble and Martin Hughes-Games nervous after he said on Monday's show: "I can do a bit of dogging and bird watching at the same time.
30 (ANI): A three-day bird watching camp is being set up in West Bengal's Patlakahawa forests to educate birdwatchers about rare species of birds.
WWT Martin Mere is hosting the North West Bird Watching Festival on Saturday and Sunday, November 28-29.
Customers will be able to buy the highest quality birdseed, field-tested feeders, bird baths, bird watching products and nature gifts, from knowledgeable sales people, who enjoy talking about birds and bird feeding.
Bird watching can be one of the most breath taking pastimes of many--"Variations on a Natural Theme: A Loon Year" is the practice taken through the eyes of a poet who loves bird watching with a focus on the loon.
NATURE lovers are invited to take part in the world's biggest bird watching survey.
Bird watching has replaced angling as the most popular field sport in Britain.