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Synonyms for bird watcher

a zoologist who studies birds

a person who identifies and studies birds in their natural habitats


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It is not surprising that this 20 acres of walking, bird watching and fishing within a patch of tranquility, with an industrial backdrop, is one of Teesside's best kept secrets.
The best time for bird watching spans from October to the end of December, and than again next spring around April.
Share it on Facebook, host educational events with experts in bird watching or find other ways to engage with bird watching enthusiasts.
Earlier, I had stayed at Negi's Kakdagad camp, but bird watching was as exciting as ever at Mukkumath.
Muscat: Students of Indian School Seeb, who are part of the school's Bird Watching Club organised a visit to Al Ansab wetland -- a wildlife habitat located in the heart of Muscat.
ESO concluded the activities with a bird watching tour on Day 2 for visitors and keen bird watchA[degrees] ers to Al Ansab.
Tsinghua University researcher Xueyan Li and her collaborators analyzed 30,936 bird-watching records from 2003 to 2007 to create the China Bird Watching Database.
Travel Business Review-October 17, 2012--Increase in popularity of bird watching holidays(C)2012] ENPublishing - http://www.
Twitching or bird watching may be as exciting to some people as train spotting but it made a very funny British sitcom in the late 80s.
But that's another one to tickoff - bird watching without trying
Next Saturday Paul will put his skills, built up in over 40 years of bird watching, to good use to support the fundraising campaign.
ALMOST 5,000 people have taken part in an annual bird watching survey in Warwickshire.
BIRD WATCHING offers author Paula McCartney's handwritten notes on birds and observations with photos of birds in natural settings across the country, and makes for a powerful survey that is not all that it first seems at first glance.
Packham, 49, left his co-hosts Kate Humble and Martin Hughes-Games nervous after he said on Monday's show: "I can do a bit of dogging and bird watching at the same time.
30 (ANI): A three-day bird watching camp is being set up in West Bengal's Patlakahawa forests to educate birdwatchers about rare species of birds.