bird sanctuary

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a building where birds are kept


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27 kilometres from the northern boundary of the Okhla Bird Sanctuary.
Kulik Bird Sanctuary, also known as Raiganj Wildlife Sanctuary, is home to 164 species of birds.
On Tuesday November 24, the bird sanctuary - North Wales Bird Trust in Llandudno - goes up against the Morfa Residents Association in Carmarthenshire.
Saltholme Pools, near Port Clarence, is being developed as a massive new wetland bird sanctuary by the RSPB and the Teesside Environmental Trust.
The company had already donated another eagle statue from its Bournemouth office to a bird sanctuary in Gloucester.
Parrot Jungle and Gardens, a world famous bird sanctuary, wildlife habitat and botanical garden, is accredited by the American Zoological and Aquarium Association.
The bird sanctuary will be created by turning a current small peninsula into an island that will become a home for the Piping Plover and other endangered species.
Adjacent is the world famous Kennedy Space Center Bird Sanctuary, where dolphins and whales may also be viewed from the shore.
THE Narendra Modi government is likely to notify only 100 metres as the limit for the eco zone of the Okhla Bird Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh.
Tenders are invited for construction of 3 kms length protection wall along the northern boundary of nelapattu bird sanctuary during 2013-14
Chennai, Jan 31 (ANI): Thousands of exotic migratory have arrived at the Kodiyakkarai Bird Sanctuary, which is located 400 kilometres from Chennai.
A CASH-strapped bird sanctuary last night urged people to consider "adopting an owl" this Christmas.
A bird sanctuary will be joining in an awareness day to be held throughout the UK.
Zoo, Cunningham wanted to do something different than work with birds; there is an active birding association in the area and bird sanctuary east of Lake Isabella.
People have been making things worse by feeding the eagle, which was released from a bird sanctuary.