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If you find a wild bird of prey which you suspect has been illegally killed, contact police on 101 or the RSPB immediately.
CUTLINE: (1) Thomas Ricardi of the Massachusetts Bird of Prey Rehabilitation Facility shows off a bald eagle to Joan Goodwin, senior center director.
Henry is not a danger to the public but, for the bird's safety, Warwick Castle's experts are advising people not to approach the bird of prey or try to capture him.
Buzzards, which can have a wing-span of four feet, are Britain's most common bird of prey and are increasingly seen in towns.
Feathered friends: Sophie Kempson, aged six, with an owl and (below) Mike Wakeman from the Welsh Bird of Prey Centre with Troy Billington, aged 11
It is disappointing Mr Pooler chooses to incorrectly suggest the report somehow 'exaggerates' the problem, rather than using the opportunity to condemn those who break the law, particularly as the NGO signed the RSPB's bird of prey campaign pledge asking for more to be done to tackle illegal killing.
The RSPB said nests belonging to the protected bird of prey had been targeted in two quarries in the last two weeks.
Bird of prey persecutions reported in 2006, included the unexplained disappearance of buzzards, hen harriers and goshawks, the theft of eggs, and destruction of nests.
AN injured bird of prey that was rescued from the side of a busy road has flown again after six months of expert care.
The orphan bird of prey chick has been winning her wings at Whipsnade Zoo where she was sent five months ago to learn how to fly.
In Juan, Wallace can get involved with what comes naturally to a bird of prey.
Earlier in the day children enjoyed a visit from some very special guests, owls and birds of prey from the Scissett based Wise Owl Bird of Prey Rescue Centre, run by Wayne and Katrina Auty.
Several studies have concluded that persecution on intensively managed upland grouse moors is the key issue affecting some bird of prey populations .
Only two pairs of the bird of prey tried to nest in England this year - and failed.
A BIRMINGHAM man who illegally sold an endangered bird of prey has been sent to the City's Crown Court for sentence.