bird of paradise

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Synonyms for bird of paradise

a tropical flowering shrub having bright orange or red flowers

ornamental plant of tropical South Africa and South America having stalks of orange and purplish-blue flowers resembling a bird

any of numerous brilliantly colored plumed birds of the New Guinea area

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com/articles/s41467-017-02088-w) open-access study , titled "Structural absorption by barbule microstructures of super black bird of paradise feathers," was Teresa Feo of the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.
The intricate trading arrangements which brought the bird of paradise feathers to the global market are discussed to demonstrate the great effort that was necessary to bring the feathers and other eastern Indonesian and New Guinean products to the outside world.
A cushion may be the most obvious and cost-effective way of enticing a bird of paradise to your pad, but there are other soft furnishing options, such as a statement bedspread.
An open-toe sandal might have looked a bit better but even they would not have rescued this look from being less bird of paradise and more angry bird.
Phoenix is a dark-feathered bird of paradise, who has fallen in love with the beautiful bird of paradise luminous; but she is unimpressed by his less-than-spectacular plumage and clumsy dancing.
RED ALERT Adriana Lima caused a flap as Bird of Paradise
Equally lovely is the Bird of Paradise quilted patchwork throw, in double or single size, which intersperses the Paradise pattern with delicate floral patches in contrasting fabrics.
MARGARINE sculptures of impala deer and an eagle and a melon sculpted into a bird of paradise look set to be eye-catching centrepiece of Lichfield's Food Festival.
Diet manipulation as treatment for elevated serum iron parameters in captive Raggiana bird of paradise (Paradisaea raggiana).
A caterpillar crawling down a bodice and a bird of paradise perched on the shoulder of a black dress; Manish's creation simply floored the audience.
I am concerned about my two bird of paradise plants.
They also spotted the famous Berlepsch's six-wired bird of paradise (see photo, table of contents).
The team also photographed Berlepsch's six-wired bird of paradise, which had been seen in 19th century photographs but whose home was unknown.