bird of night

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But since the yellow bitch is a sort of thread running through the whole of The Obscene Bird of Night, I'm not too sure that it was not that skinny, scruffy, hateful beast that determined, right from the start, what my voice would be while spending all those eight years writing it.
Those who have read The Obscene Bird of Night know just how short and how simple this fable is.
The universe, then, defined by the "real" Rinconada was divided into two: the "outside" and the "inside," which is, again, a motif that runs through not only The Obscene Bird of Night, but through all of my books.
This episode was, perhaps, the turning point in the writing of The Obscene Bird of Night.
I could go on forever picking up from my memory the correlative in reality of every single bit in The Obscene Bird of Night.