bird fancier

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a person with a strong interest in birds

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A bird fancier guilty of illegally bringing a finch into Britain said it has ruined his life.
A BIRD fancier is in a flap over what Gardai are describing as the most bizarre robbery of the year.
They were donated by a bird fancier in Lanarkshire as a special festive treat for the thousands of visitors, especially the children.
A BIRD fancier escaped being caged yesterday for punching a canary judge.
Champion English bird fancier Mark Lowry was yesterday convicted of attacking one of the canary contest's Scottish judges.
Families living next to bird fancier Brian Rae are fed up with his flock.
A BIRD fancier punched a show judge in a row over the merits of his canaries, a jury heard yesterday.
FEATHERS flew at an international canary competition in Wales when a bird fancier punched one of the judges in the face, a court heard yesterday.
Mother-of-three Anna Seeley, 32, wept at the Old Bailey as she was sentenced for the revenge raid on bird fancier Douglas Anderson, father of two of her children.
It has multiple causes--it may be drug-related, smoking-related, present in bird fanciers or be idiopathic [cause unknown].
Whether it's the familiar owls or the vibrantly coloured flamingoes, there's something for bird fanciers of all ages.
Conor McAleny's stunning 90th minute equaliser cancelled out Pavel Pogrebnyak's early opener to leave the Royals as 'twitchy' as the bird fanciers at the Championship's relegation battle.
It is mostly observed in farmers and bird fanciers.
The staff are quite taken by the bird because most of them are bird fanciers and are quite into it.
John Cale @ Coal Exchange, Cardiff (October 7) * HE may have left Ammanford to become the darling of the New York art scene, but John Cale was never a big hit with any bird fanciers.