Lotus corniculatus

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European forage plant having claw-shaped pods introduced in America

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Ditching duds In a classic study of the bird's-foot trefoil (right), plants allowed to abort immature fruits on their own had higher quality offspring than plants for which researchers thinned the immature fruits--a possible sign of female choosiness.
The first relates to encouraging bees by supporting the late flowering of nectar-rich flowers, such as red clover and bird's-foot trefoil, by cutting half of the area of the farm's nectar flower mixture to 20cm between June 15 and July 7 in areas where there are no ground nesting birds present.
The wild flower meadows are dotted with red clover, ox-eye daisy and buttery yellow bird's-foot trefoil.
INCA commented that "blast furnace slag might seem an unusual addition to a nature conservation project, but being a low nutrient alkaline substrate it encourages growth of Bird's-foot Trefoil and Sheep's Fescue, the larval food plant of the Dingy Skipper and Grayling butterflies respectively".
Some plants, such as bird's-foot trefoil, concoct cyanide bombs that are trip-wired to blow up in the mouths of nibbling animals.