Lotus corniculatus

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European forage plant having claw-shaped pods introduced in America

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Some plants, such as bird's-foot trefoil, concoct cyanide bombs that are trip-wired to blow up in the mouths of nibbling animals.
It lives in places where its main foodplant, common bird's-foot trefoil is abundant and usually where bare ground is also present.
Abundant wild flowers include marsh and spotted orchids, lousewort, yellow rattle, bird's-foot trefoil, meadow vetchling, tufted vetch, devil's-bit scabious, betony and knapweed, which attract hosts of bees and butterflies such as ringlets, meadow and hedge browns, small skippers and common blues.
Grow red and white clover and bird's-foot trefoil in your lawn for bees and butterflies.