bird's foot trefoil

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Old World herb related to fenugreek

European forage plant having claw-shaped pods introduced in America

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Characteristic plants include yellow wort, common centaury, St John's wort, rocket and bird's foot trefoil.
Other flowers include bird's foot trefoil, known as eggs and bacon because of its orange and yellow flowers.
Grow bird's foot trefoil, nettle and lady's smock as food plants for caterpillars.
Other flowers include heath spotted orchids in June, greater bird's foot trefoil and black knapweed in July and fleabane, great burnet and devil's bit scabious in August.
If you want a space for a little wild area in your garden, nettles, sorrel, thistles and bird's foot trefoil will provide good cover.
Small patches of land on the course will be scraped away to expose bare sand and promote growth of plants like bird's foot trefoil,on which the moth's larvae feed.
White and red clover, alfalfa, bird's foot trefoil, cereal grains (wheat, rye, oats), chicory, and brassicas (rape, turnips, canola) are some of the more popular cool-season forages.