bird's eye view

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a situation or topic as if viewed from an altitude or distance

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Bird's Eye View allows users to view exceptional photography in high resolution, low altitude angled aerial images of properties, streets and local features in more than 130 towns and cities across the UK.
It's like a map of the yard and house--what it looks like from a bird's eye view," Gabe tells her.
com, where you can get a bird's eye view of what we look like.
She was doing a bird's eye view map while sitting on a tree branch, and she said, 'I never climbed a tree before, and I never knew the stream was here.
Providing a bird's eye view of the network and information on demand, Acterna's OFM software delivers an inside look at the outside plant and can hone in on the exact location of faults, outages, affected nodes, and customer sites, as well as shed light on the entire fiber optic network.
Unlike previous artists working in the genre, many of the American artists responsible for the lithographs at the height of the bird's eye view craze had neither formal artistic training nor experience.
Birds can see ultraviolet wavelengths that are invisible to humans, and that bird's eye view of feathers may help solve a mystery about mate selection in this European species.
From a mezzanine overlooking the production lines, visitors are able to get a bird's eye view of the magnitude of the motor home manufacturing process.
com is owned and operated by internet retailer of gaming products, Bird's Eye View LLC.
Scientists know that a bird's eye view is much more colourful than that of a human.
Visitors to the nearby London Eye got a bird's eye view of the worker.
PHOTO Riders on the Grand Wheel at the Ventura County Fair get a bird's eye view of the sun's setting.