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a canoe made with the bark of a birch tree

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I recently acquired this Tathouke birchbark basket from Mrs Lorraine Pickard, a lady who personally knows Judy Swanson and her mother Daisy Demientieff.
In this sequel to The Birchbark House, a group of white visitors to the region endanger the Ojibwe's home--and way of life--on Lake Superior.
The original birchbark remains on the canoe, which is intact and in excellent condition, with the exception of some damage to the bow.
The exhibition features some of Morrisseau's early works painted on birchbark and cardboard right through to large-scale canvases with images representing animals and plants and spiritual creatures and more recent works.
Windspeaker is part of the publishing arm of AMMSA, which also includes Alberta Sweetgrass, Saskatchewan Sage, Raven's Eye for British Columbia and Ontario Birchbark.
He teaches people how to make birchbark canoes; his sage advice is sought by world leaders; he has travelled the globe talking to schoolchildren and statesmen; he is equally at home in a luxury hotel or a canvas tent.
Erdrich has found peace and a new path that includes overseeing a little bookstore, Birchbark Books, and being a mother again.
From the building of the birchbark house in spring to the winter tapping of the maples, life is simple and routine--until a visitor arrives and spreads sickness.
Almost unknown, however, is a series of thirty-two beautiful paintings Simcoe executed on sheets of birchbark.
I am given precise instructions on the decorum of receiving my horse, who has the unfortunate name of Birchbark.
the 1975 people will ask) or on faux-comfy consumer items like flannel shirts and birchbark lamps that evoke a more Unabomber-like pretechnological time?
From the building of birchbark canoes by the earliest natives to the crafting of great sailing ships and fine walnut clock cases in Colonial times, we learn how the subtleties of specific tree species were matched to needs for practical function and sheer beauty.
of La Ronge, Saskatchewan has completed a geophysical survey of the Candle Lake and Birchbark Lake claims in the Fort a' la Corne area of Saskatchewan Canada.
From the Coe collection, over 200 works are presented in the exhibition, ranging from a nineteenth-century Haida Chilkat robe, a birchbark scale model of a cottage by Irene Desmoulin, a pair of nineteenth-century Cree snowshoes, a rare mid-eighteenth century Cree or Ojibwe moosehide coat, and examples of beadwork by virtuoso artist Joyce Growing Thunder Fogarty, including a stunning fully beaded horse mask.
Chiefs from Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territory signed a declaration written on a birchbark scroll and read by Liz Logan, tribal chief and spokesperson for the Treaty 8 First Nations, calling for a halt to plans to build another dam on the Peace River.