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Hildr's gaze combed the earth and climbed the birch trees.
Other than making sure they get adequate water, birch trees do not require much maintenance.
As a consequence of damage risk from a high moose population, plantations of birch trees have declined markedly, especially in southern Finland in the last decade (Viiri 2007).
According to the Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and Black Country, soaring temperatures this summer meant almost a quarter of birch trees on the A38 corridor wilted and died.
The birch tree tells us she's been there on the mountain since the beginning of the world.
Due to the breeding of plant material and the selection of high-fertility sites for plantations, the growth rate of birch trees in plantations has been considerably higher than that of naturally regenerated birch trees, at least in the early stages of the stand development (Saksa 1998).
A soothing internal landscape of birch trees, pebble beds and timber benches gives workers visual and experiential respite.
Finlanders tap birch trees to make health drinks and sell them worldwide.
If there's space plant a grove of alder and birch trees or simply plant a single multi-stemmed birch to create a similar effect.
The set consisted of stylized birch trees made from white PCV pipe marked with black electrical tape.
The duplexes, which will be priced at about $315,000, will all open onto a large, 13,700 s/f courtyard, which will be landscaped with a variety of attractive perennials, 15 new River Birch trees and 60 Japanese Garden Juniper shrubs.
A city employee found the 2-year-old birch trees damaged Thursday morning, said Springfield maintenance supervisor Greg Ferschweiler.
Strip clearcuts of at least 40-foot widths, preferably going north and south, seem to do best, and you need to leave a fair amount of birch trees for seed reproduction between these strips.
European birch trees yield lumber that is a creamy white, with the heartwood and sapwood hard to distinguish.
She began tapping birch trees in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley in 1990, and has fine-tuned the process beyond the original birch syrup to include candies, salad dressings, popcorn, spiced nuts and marinades, including one used by Indian Valley Meats to make birch reindeer jerky.