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They milk the birch trees to make juice much like we tap maple trees in the United States,'' said Janet Huskey from her comfortable Valencia home.
SYMBOL: June Clough, left, and Brenda Swan with members of Acklam WI at the planting of the Silver Birch tree in Albert Park to help mark the 25th anniversary of the group Picture by PETER REIMANN
Birch tree pollen is currently at its peak in the Midlands and will be followed shortly by the grass pollen season, which is responsible for hay-fever in 95 per cent of sufferers.
Let someone mention a birch tree or a rose, an oak tree, an iris or lily, and you will instantly be taken back to the garden you knew as as child.
Located on Route 9 South in Monmouth County, River Birch Shopping Center is home to the country's largest river birch tree.
A melanic (dark pigmented) peppered moth sits on a birch tree by a light-colored one camouflaged by crypsis (color matching with background).
He borrows the facetious adjective kotikoivuinen (made up of the two nouns koti [home] and koivu [birch]) from his sister Martta, who uses it to describe herself as someone who does not like to go too far from the birch tree at home.
This facility will use patented technology to separate and process into pellets the bark of the white paper birch tree.
It also includes an inscribed plaque showing the names of the fallen alongside a silver birch tree and rose shrubs.
The results were so impressive that we decided to hang every student's winter birch tree masterpiece up for display for our new school dedication.
It was mentioned in the Domesday Book as Berchelai, meaning birch tree wood or clearing in the birch trees.
The minister planted a downy birch tree before being accompanied by owner Mark Sillars on a tour around the farm.
The Duchess will plant a silver birch tree in the grounds of the county council-run unit, ~as part of a series of celebrations held to commemorate its silver anniversary.
It would have been around this time of year that the Yorke family at Erddig would "tap" the silver birch tree in the garden for its sweet sap which they would collect in bottles hung around the trunk and later brew into birch sap wine.
At the bottom of the garden add a silver birch tree to provide a slash of silver against a dark fence.