birch rod

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a switch consisting of a twig or a bundle of twigs from a birch tree


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Mr Cross said: "Both these children, according to the warrant were to be sentenced as soon as practicable to six strokes of birch rod.
Police only used the birch rod or more usually the twigs, although the Home Office never recommended any particular way to use twig and rod.
Dreaded punishment: Youngsters faced a whipping with this birch rod and whipping stool.
The birch rod, which was to be applied "across the bare flesh of the buttocks," was not a rod, but a bundle of twigs resembling a gardener's broom.
22) A Middlesex police sergeant testified that "boys who laugh at being put into a Dungeon, and doubly laugh at flogging with a Cat [o'nine-tails], are upon their Knees blubbering and praying not to be flogged with the Birch Rod, it deters them more than any thing else.
Armed with a birch rod and the loco parentis clauses of various nineteenth-century child welfare acts, court officials argued that judicial flogging could bestow tremendous benefits on the entire community by abolishing the problem of juvenile crime.
46) In 1925 the Paisley Co-operative Defense Committee warned, "the use of the birch rod for young boys in our district is causing great resentment amongst the majority of the people.
the birch rod will soon be relegated to the realm of the stocks and pillory.
These were problems that could easily be solved via the birch rod, which suited the naturally inferior state of boyhood.
Weapons included revoking internal passports for recalcitrant migrants, which forced the miscreant to return home, and flogging with a birch rod.
One keeps a long birch rod under his pillow which he daily presents to me with a long speech,others cry if spoken to kindly.
These trouble spots will continue and get worse until stricter punishment is dished out and that is with birch rods on their behinds.
The white stucco ceiling undulates up to a peak of 22ft; the walls fan out, and their pale ash panelling is overlaid by ribs of clustered birch rods.
It's not every museum where a boy can strap his younger brother down on a table and threaten him with birch rods.
These troublespots will continue and get worse until stricter punishment is brought back and that is with birch rods on their behinds.