birch oil

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a liquid ester with a strong odor of wintergreen

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The study reviewed assessed the topical efficacy of Ping On, an ointment of Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) herbs, (which includes peppermint oil 18%, menthol 20%, natural camphor 6%, birch oil 6%, sandalwood oil 1%, eucalyptus oil 4%, bee wax 8% and aromatic oil 3%) on the severity of TMD symptoms.
Enwau eraill ar olew Wintergreen yn swyddogol oedd Sweet Birch Oil, Betulae Oil neu Gaultheria Oil; ac o'r Betula lente (Betulaceae) oedd y mwyafrif yn dod.
The refusal came following the reports of signing a preliminary deal between Athabasca Oil Corp and KPC to develop Hangingstone and Birch oil sands in Alberta.