birch beer

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carbonated drink containing an extract from bark of birch trees

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The CD is produced by independent record label Birch Beer Records.
Guests are encouraged to stop in for a tour where they will sample a variety of Deutschland-style beers and non-alcoholic sodas including sweet and tasty root beer and red autumn birch beer.
Citrusy and piney nose, with some notes of birch beer and wintergreen.
With 10 brands ranging from such expected flavors as Colorado Cola and Rocky Mountain Root Beer and more exotic ones like Pikes Peak Prickly Pear and Boulder Birch Beer, Rocky Mountain Soda is initially focusing on restaurants and cocktail lounges first, and retailers second.
Birch sap can also be used as an ingredient in food or drinks, such as birch beer.
The company - which produces and markets sarsaparilla, cream soda, birch beer, ginger beer and flavored teas and lemonades - will award a cash prize to the artist who pens the winning entry.
This winter mix features seasonally appropriate favorites, Ginger Ale and Creamy Red Birch Beer, as well as Boylan stalwarts Root Beer and Black Cherry.
8220;There is nothing as iconic to the area as enjoying a cold Foxon Park Birch Beer and a slice of New Haven's best pizza.
Brown let it be known that he's a big birch beer drinker.
Mostly leg meat, this crab -- which is indigenous to the state of Maine -- is prepared with an autumn pumpkin puree, Belgian endive, green apple and birch beer.