birch beer

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carbonated drink containing an extract from bark of birch trees

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Outstanding Beverage Boylan's Creamy Red Birch Beer From Boylan Bottling Co.
The company - which produces and markets sarsaparilla, cream soda, birch beer, ginger beer and flavored teas and lemonades - will award a cash prize to the artist who pens the winning entry.
This winter mix features seasonally appropriate favorites, Ginger Ale and Creamy Red Birch Beer, as well as Boylan stalwarts Root Beer and Black Cherry.
8220;There is nothing as iconic to the area as enjoying a cold Foxon Park Birch Beer and a slice of New Haven's best pizza.
Birch beer, sarsaparilla and root beer are served throughout the festival.
Brown let it be known that he's a big birch beer drinker.
That lasted about three days,'' McGinnis said, sipping the company's alcohol-free Birch Beer and holding her four-week old daughter.
We tried exotic combinations such as kumquat and scotch, an elderberry flavor, and even an oak bark attempt, which tasted a little like birch beer, maple syrup and cereal - in a good way," said Arnold Carbone, Ben & Jerry's chief flavor developer, who was along for the trip.
Power-Pak Beverage, a privately owned company that has been in business in Pennsylvania since 2001, currently distributes Red Bull Energy Drink, Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer, Herbal Mist Tea and Virgil's Rootbeer.