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a canoe made with the bark of a birch tree

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She loves maple syrup and anything made out of birch bark, and has hiked in more than 20 national parks.
Birch bark also contains lupeol, betulinic acid, erythrodiol and oleanolic acid and is a low-cost waste product in the veneer and paper industry that is usually burned.
The set includes: main centrepiece, oval flower stands, navette-shaped dessert stands, circular dessert stands, silver goblets, sugar vases with ladles, water jugs, candelabras, coracle-shaped salt cellars, Greenland kayak-shaped salt cellars, Canadian birch bark canoe-shaped salt cellars, Fiji islands canoe shaped salt cellars, Egyptian boat-shaped salt cellars with spoons and a New Zealand canoe-shaped salt cellar.
The hepatoprotective effect of birch bark extract (BBE) in patients with chronic hepatitis C (CHC) was studied.
Most people do not realize that the craft of jingle dress making or birch bark basket making is an art form.
According to a report in The Independent, the excavations at Forteviot, near Perth, have yielded the remains of an early Bronze Age ruler buried on a bed of white quartz pebbles and birch bark with at least a dozen personal possessions - including a bronze and gold dagger, a bronze knife, a wooden bowl and a leather bag.
Tepees are conical tents, which were originally made of animal skins or birch bark, and provided warmth and comfort in winter and cool in the heat of summer for the occupants.
This is the fourth scholarly volume devoted to the ancient Buddhist texts, which are written on birch bark and were found in earthenware pots, perhaps in Afghanistan, and acquired by the British Library in 1994 and by the Senior Collection at the same time.
The market for aesthetic and decorative products, such as Christmas trees, wreaths and birch bark, is roughly $175 million.
Student feedback: "Students really dove into all aspects, using a miter box and saw and glue gun in assembling the real birch bark scrolls.
The strong, warm winds muffled my cow calls before they could reach the end of my birch bark horn.
The oldest known MS of the first branch is a birch bark MS, whose Sarada paleographic features support its antiquity.
46]) are degradation products of triterpenoids resulting from the heating of birch bark (Regert et al.
At that time he was painting black images on birch bark.
March 27 will see the world premiere broadcast of Spirit Wind, which documents the voyage by members of the Miawpukek First Nation, who in 1999 travelled by birch bark canoe from Conne River, Nfld.