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having two poles


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As a result, by 2008, Central and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region were back to bipolarity and zero-sum games.
Bipolarity and correlativity thus require connecting one party's entitlement to another's actions through the purpose for which the law recognizes the entitlement.
Hendrickson (2006) explained this by bipolarity and segregation of differently sized particles in the bed.
Actor Hamish Linklater's Hamlet in the South Coast Repertory production plays the prince of Denmark as a poster boy for bipolarity.
These groups were similar in free time, separation anxiety, engulfment anxiety, perceived peculiarity of their parents, perceived alienation of their parents, bipolarity of their feelings toward parents, and the intensity of their negative feelings.
Because of these adverse consequences, it is important for behavioral health providers to screen for a history not only of bipolar disorders but also for a history of bipolar spectrum symptoms and family history of bipolarity at the onset of depression treatment.
This bipolarity, the spatial dialogue of the two cardinal spheres is predominant in all the major tragedies of Shakespeare.
There's been a general increase in awareness of bipolarity as prominent people have come out with books about it," said Fred Goodwin, professor of psychiatry at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.
of California-Irvine) here enlarges A Psychological Theory of Bipolarity and Reflexivity (Edwin Mellen, 1992).
Just as the astonishing victory of a small number of Greek poleis over the mighty Persian empire had created a Herodotean history based on the bipolarity of Hellene and barbarian, and the pathetic dismemberment of imperial Athens at the hands of her fellow-Greeks had produced a Thucydidean history based on the bipolarity of nomos and phusis, the civilized rule of law and the brutal law of nature, so did Rome's inexorable pacification of the Mediterranean world inspire Polybius to write the first "universal history" in which these older bi-polarities needed to be re-interpreted as aspects of a single oikoumene (known world).
Rate and predictors of prepubertal bipolarity during follow-up of 6- to 12-year-old depressed children.
The entire arrangement exudes a peculiar bipolarity owing to the mutual presence of the soft, warmly colored felt and the cold, clear, and dangerously jagged glass.
There is no dispute that the Cold War's superpower bipolarity has receded from its structural determination of the corresponding "international security regime.
First, structural changes occurred (the dissolution of bipolarity and emergence of multipolarity).
In short, subjects are apparently encoding verbal materials by some meaning characteristic which is associated with the extreme ends of these three Osgood scales, thereby offering support for the validity of the bipolarity of these various scales.