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Tell the doctor about any mental problems your child or family members have including suicide or depression, bipolar illness, mania, or psychosis.
I am caring for a patient now with bipolar illness who seemed very depressed for months and then, with a change in medication, became manic--loud, disruptive, very talkative, and filled with complaints.
His mother, Dorothy Odgren, has bipolar illness and four of her relatives have committed suicide, the lawyer said.
Nurnberger: Over the past 15 years, we have been trying to identify the biochemical pathways--the neuronal pathways--involved in bipolar illness.
The current study was done to determine whether bipolar illness is a public health problem in West Virginia that warrants additional research, even though a literature search yielded no previous publications focusing on manic-depressive (bipolar) disorder among West Virginia residents.
In a brief open study in 14 depressed adults with a DSM-IV diagnosis of bipolar illness treated with methylphenidate added to a mood stabilizer regimen, 3 patients (21%) stopped methylphenidate because of anxiety, agitation, or hypomania (Bipolar Disord.
Cohen, who is also co-founder of the Freedom Center in Northampton, said he has not taken a psychiatric drug in six years regardless of his diagnosis as having bipolar illness.
For this reason we always use mood stabilizers such as lithium as the foundation of treatment in patients with bipolar illness.
of Pittsburgh) describes the therapy she developed to help people manage bipolar illness and protect against the recurrence of manic or depressive episodes.
All agents approved for mania have black box warnings, but the risk of untreated bipolar illness far outweighs these drugs' risks, Dr.
Two of the agents widely used to treat bipolar illness are established teratogens.
A dose of stability--in the form of extended nightly bed rest and sleep--may help prevent mania as well as a particularly severe form of bipolar illness, according to Wehr.
The primary alternative medicines for bipolar illness, valproate (Depakote) and carbamazepine (Tegretol), have also been associated with a small increased risk of birth defects.
An introduction to the neurobiology of bipolar illness onset, recurrence and progression, Robert Post and Marcia Kauer-SantAnna
new or worse aggressive behavior, hostility, anger or irritability - new or worse bipolar illness or mania (an extreme increase in activity or talking) - new or worse psychosis (hearing or seeing things that are not real, being suspicious, or distrustful, believing things that are not true) - other unusual or extreme changes in behavior or mood