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His own research has shown that lithium is actually even more effective in the long-term prevention of the depressive episodes of bipolar disease than against mania (Br.
Research on pediatric bipolar disease will aid the field of psychiatry by advancing our knowledge of mood disturbances in children and will also aid in the understanding of the heterogeneity of bipolar disorder across the life cycle," says Janet Wozniak, M.
The company collects material from a worldwide network of donor sites and has an extensive collection of material and data covering over 150 major disease targets, including many types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and bipolar disease.
Valrocemide is a broad-spectrum anti-convulsive agent that has a potential to treat epilepsy, bipolar disease and neuropathic pain.
If we can prevent bipolar disease in childhood, we can prevent later treatment resistance and future complications like substance abuse, poor work and school performance, and even suicide.
In the absence of contraindications, lithium is one treatment of choice for bipolar disease in older patients.
Post: It has been said that many famous people in history have had bipolar disease.
In addition, BPI-202, for bipolar disease and epilepsy, and BPI-204, for 1) chemotherapy induced nausea/vomiting, 2) delayed onset emesis and 3) gastroparesis, exemplify the Company's overall dedication to prodrug design.
These patients meet rigorous criteria for unipolar depression, but their symptoms of mania and hypomania don't meet DSM-IV criteria for bipolar disease, said Ellen Frank, Ph.
4 million people in the United States and bipolar disease affects about 5.
In the third or fourth generation of a family affected with bipolar disease, does it become less intense or is it more likely to get worse?
This Bipolar Disease Management Program will become part of Aetna's suite of disease management programs, which includes Aetna Health Connections(SM).
And statistics suggest that 70 percent of those who commit suicide have manic-depression, or bipolar disease.
The results of this study support an association between bipolar disease and creativity and contribute to a better understanding of possible mechanisms of transmission of creativity in families with genetic susceptibility for bipolar disease," the researchers wrote in their paper.
The Bipolar Disease Management Program's proprietary tracking system mails educational information to members and physicians, manages staff refill reminder calls to members, and maintains the members' refill and case management history.