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having two feet

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Yet Clemente established that the lizards got exhausted sooner when they loped along bipedally than when moving on all fours.
Professor Robin Crompton, from the University of Liverpool's School of Bio Medical Sciences, said: "We found that orang-utans walking bipedally on springy branches act much like athletes running on springy tracks - they use extended postures of knee and hip to give them straighter legs.
Note that the rats stepped bipedally in experiments with this virtual treadmill, as well as in the other experiments described here.
Bonobo behavior resembles that proposed for early humans in three ways: females are sexually receptive for long periods; sexual life is rich and serves purposes other than reproduction; and bonobos walk bipedally with ease much of the time.
Chimpanzees "regularly walk bipedally in the wild" and they "use tools for various purposes.