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having two feet

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They showed that in chimpanzees, hand-assisted bipedal posture (as opposed to bipedal locomotion) was associated with arboreal feeding on relatively stable branches > 100mm in diameter, and suggested such behaviour might have been exaptive for terrestrial bipedalism.
The latest model of bipedal walking robot following on from WABOT is WABIAN-2, developed at the Takanishi Laboratory.
They'll also meet Asimo, the bipedal robot developed by Honda, as well as visiting a pop concert with a difference and testing out the latest HD camcorders.
This third edition contains a new section on primate ecomorphology, a discussion of the recent Ardi skeleton, and updated material on biomechanics and the development of bipedal walking.
The overall system included two parallel controllers (FNS muscle control and UL loading) acting on a three-dimensional model of SCI bipedal standing ("Three-Dimensional Model of Spinal Cord Injury Stance" section) to maintain an erect, neutral set point position (Figure 1).
Not only can wheelchair rugby help the injured achieve a remarkable level of fitness, it restoresconfidenceandfaith in one's self to not just cope but thrive in the bipedal world.
He is "especially interested in the origin of bipedal walking, the biology and evolution of endurance running, and the evolution of the human head.
Egg-laying bipedal, endothermic vertebrates of the class Aves are better known as what?
This individual was fully bipedal and had the ability to walk almost like modern humans," said Haile-Selassie.
Some proponents of the latter hypothesis recognize that australopithecines had upright bipedal locomotion but do not consider this a feature linking australopithecines with humans (Mehlert, 2000; Murdock, 2006).
Bipedal walking is one of the most important features of humans.
Moreover, a demonstration of Honda's bipedal humanoid robot, ASIMO, has also been scheduled.
The Physics Prize went to the writers of the scientific paper Foetal Load and the Evolution of Lumbar Lordosis in Bipedal Hominins, whose purpose was to show why pregnant women didn't tip over.
Though it's not unheard of, gorillas rarely walk with an upright, bipedal (using two feet) gait that the egg hunter in the photo is displaying on the hunt for prizes.
The reason they are working on this is that bipedal walking allows the robot to access our human world in environments involving stairways, ladders and other objects.