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Synonyms for bipartite

divided into two portions almost to the base

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involving two parts or elements

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n])} is called bigraphical if there exists a bipartite graph G with bipartition (M,N), where M = {[x.
Base compositional heterogeneity and among-site rate variation are problematic for phylogeny reconstruction because they can produce misleading estimates of topology and branch lengths and misleading bipartition posterior probabilities, and may cluster unrelated taxa based on convergent base content rather than evolutionary history (e.
The Sri Lanka Pakistan Parliamentary friendship association is a bipartition grouping of Sri Lankan Parliamentarian, which is aimed at enhancing the inter Parliamentary coordination and mutual support.
Il y a donc une claire bipartition entre <<"objet intentionnel", defini en termes de directionnalite, et "contenu intentionnel", definit en terme de forme aspectuelle >>.
Additional complexity arose with Evagrius and Gregory Nazianzus, who emphasized how tripartite depiction applies to both healthy and degenerative political and ascetic life, thus recuperating Aristotle's "surely correct interpretation" of Platonic degenerative tripartition as a bipartition into rational and passible.
Cette division, connue des informateurs, renvoie elle-meme a une ancienne bipartition politique propre a l'organisation de la ville medievale de Kirkwall, qui voyait s'opposer les << hommes du Comte >>, autour du chateau, en haut de la ville, et les << hommes de l'eveque >>, autour de la cathedrale, en bas de la ville.
From the viewpoint of nascent Christianity, which had a complicated relationship with Gnosticism, it entailed a degradation of Yahweh, the Old Testament's creator God, to the minor originator of this world, in a word to Jaldabaoth, while Jesus alone was accredited with the role of a saviour--indeed he too undergoing a bipartition "to the mortal and transient Jesus of Nazareth and to the heavenly-eternal Christ" (Rudolph 1994:166).
La concession de I'eglise Saint-Pierre-Le Puellier et son bourg en 1119 a Saint-Martin par le roi Louis VI renforce la bipartition de la ville et la concurrence entre Saint-Martin et I'autorite episcopale qui possedait des droits sur cette eglise.
Epineuse question s'il en est, lorsque l'on sait qu'au ler siecle avant J-C, le savant et ecrivain romain Varron, evoquait une bipartition du monde au niveau du Bosphore, les parties situees au nord-ouest du detroit constituant l'Europe, celles situees au sud-est, l'Asie.
For efficiency, where values of n were larger, restricted growth strings (RGS) were used to bipartition populations during a nested search (bi-PORGS).
The basic Australian terminological type is consistent with a sociocentric bipartition or quadripartition--that is, a logical consistency, not mutual implication or sociological causation (1998:339; see also pp 333,370).
Dans cette theorie, la bipartition enonciative s'accompagne d'une bipartition des temps verbaux que presente le tableau recapitulatif suivant :