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supported by both sides

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The Teamsters support this bipartisan effort to repeal the destructive excise tax that is set to take effect in 2018.
The bipartisan Senate legislation to approve KXL reflects the will of the American people," said Gerard.
On March 16, Johnson and Crapo released the legislative text of their bipartisan housing finance reform agreement.
The last meeting of a bipartisan delegation was in February 2005, when Gov.
The bipartisan majority was obtained in the House by crafting a bill that intelligently addressed many serious issues and appealed to many constituencies: industry, union members, truckers, automobile owners, coastal state governors and legislators, and hurricane-prone communities.
Members of Congress do not sponsor such bipartisan events if they believe you have a partisan agenda.
This bipartisan bill to save presidential public financing is crucial.
managed to produce a bipartisan report on Iraq intelligence widely praised even among those who thought it could have gone further, Goss's committee has been practically somnambulant.
Regardless whether Congress ultimately debates the Thomas bill or the bipartisan Crane-Rangel bill, FEI will continue to work with Congress to craft legislation that does not place unreasonable restrictions on deferred compensation programs.
We provide a bipartisan solution to the often contentious discipline issue by providing protections for children with disabilities while simplifying the rules that school districts use in discipline cases," Gregg said.
and that bipartisan organizations like the Human Rights Campaign are making a big mistake by supporting Republican incumbents who are good on our issues.
It was a mistake for [Bush] to have brought this out as an administration proposal rather than developing bipartisan support [in Congress] for it first," Kemiss says.
Two proposed pieces of legislation--one a discussion draft from the staff of the Senate Finance Committee, the other a bill written by a member of the House Ways and Means Committee--reflect bipartisan congressional interest in tightening restrictions on some tax planning services accountants and other professionals offer their clients.
I believe this bipartisan legislation has the best chance of becoming law, because it combines the best features of all plans," he said.
Building on last year's efforts by the 106th Congress, which saw the Norwood-Dingell bill pass the House of Representatives but get stalled in the Senate, Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Edward Kennedy (D-MA), joined a bipartisan group from both houses of Congress to introduce the Bipartisan Patient Protection Act of 2001.