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While the CDC doctor works hard on the bioweapon during the day, at night he waits in his old home for Zack's (Max Charles) return.
Despite previous work conducted by the Soviet Union and current assertions by some in the media, Ebola is not an ideal bioweapon.
While nuclear preparedness denotes the development of high-tech hardware, such as retaliatory missiles, bioweapon preparedness seeks to integrate the formerly separate silos of medicine, public health, law enforcement, and national security in order to create a preventative "global web of protection.
The device, known as the HemopurifierTM, is a broad-spectrum treatment countermeasure against drug and vaccine resistant bioweapons, naturally evolving pandemic threats such as H5N1 Avian Flu, and chronic infectious disease targets including Hepatitis-C (HCV) and the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).
Anthrax is used for the first time as a bioweapon directed at human beings in the United States.
Only one strain was able to meet the requirements necessary to make it a candidate bioweapon.
The ideal bioweapon is hard to detect from the usual microbial flora, has person-to-person spread, and is easy to aerosolize.
Zack was to go live with his grandparents while he would attempt to formulate his bioweapon.
Join Angerfist for a very special LIVE set, plus Dyprax, Lady Kate, Satronica, Obsession, Wasted Penguinz, Crypsis, Bioweapon Pres.
Louis University to defeat known techniques for making pox viruses more lethal, sought to create a bioweapon.
Wright said al Qaeda could develop its own bioweapon or potentially gain access to a state-produced bioweapon that was inadequately secured.
Infection from anthrax spores can be very deadly and used before as a bioweapon.
The potential use of influenza as a bioweapon is an additional concern (5).
Brucella species are classified as category B bioterrorism threat agents, so use as a bioweapon must also be considered as a potential source of exposure (5).
Whether the release of a bioweapon is announced or surreptitious, affected persons may not have symptoms for days or even weeks, and by then they would be geographically dispersed.