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dark brown to black mica found in igneous and metamorphic rock

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The EPMA results listed in Table 1 show that the Wushan biotites contain high concentrations of MgO (12.
The Wushan biotites also contain low concentrations of FeO (15.
Pal DK (1985) Potassium release from muscovite and biotites under alkaline conditions.
The presence of biotite particles suggests that biotite mica can survive even in kaolinitic ferruginous soils (Pal et al.
The mineral assemblage of all the facies is dominated by the typical association of plagioclase, quartz, K-feldspar and biotite.
5b; Vernon 1986) defined by minute, oriented euhedral biotite inclusions (Mg/(Mg+Fe) atomic ratio (Mg#)--0.
Biotites from the Destna and the Lasenice granite have a high content of Al (Table 5, Fig.
1973, Geochemistry of biotites from granitic rocks, northern Portugal, Geochim.
It consist of euhedral but mainly subhedral grains of plagioklase and biotite and anhedral grains of quartz and K-feldspar.
The smallest effect of heterogeneities is observed in the samples of biotite (h003), garnet (h014) and mineralized chloritized garnet amphibolite (h028) with a fairly strict one-way orientation of crystalline-acoustic axes in mineral grains.
40Ar/39Ar muscovite and biotite ages are similar to Mabja, but decrease up section from 16 to 11 Ma [Lee et al.
Adopted nomenclature differentiates phlogopite from biotite on the basis of the Mg:Fe molar proportions: phlogopite (>2:1) and biotite (<2:1).