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dark brown to black mica found in igneous and metamorphic rock

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The presence of biotite particles suggests that biotite mica can survive even in kaolinitic ferruginous soils (Pal et al.
Gilkes RJ, Suddhiprakarn A (1979) Biotite alteration in deeply weathered granite.
5b; Vernon 1986) defined by minute, oriented euhedral biotite inclusions (Mg/(Mg+Fe) atomic ratio (Mg#)--0.
Biotite is the only significant ferromagnesian mineral in the Monte Capanne pluton, occurring as 2-3 into crystals in the matrix with Mg#-0.
3), and consist principally of fine-grained plagioclase laths and biotite with varying quantities of generally rounded and resorbed xenocrysts of K-feldspar and quartz; textures include doleritic, ophitic, and microgranular (Fig.
The biotite and plagioclase included in the Monte Capanne K-feldspar megacrysts apparently formed prior to the onset of megacryst growth rather than concurrently.
FIGURE 6 includes further samples for which amphiboles were not found and biotites only were used in provenancing.
Microprobe analyses of archaeological samples -- biotites.
Further north, grey biotite granites comprise the islands of Giglio and Monte Cristo as well as the massif of Monte Capanne on Elba.
In a fresh unaltered rock it is possible successfully to analyse samples composed of, for example, only two or three biotite mica and/or amphibole crystals.