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dark brown to black mica found in igneous and metamorphic rock

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Like these granitoids, the Vlc-2 granodiorite is different from the Palaeoproterozoic charnockites of the Kursiai intrusion in Lithuania by lacking orthopyroxene but being rich in amphibole and brown biotite, which indicates lower temperatures of crystallization and somewhat higher contents of [H.
Thin sections of bedrock samples taken from random locations in the Scrag Lake pluton outside of the North structure consist of medium- to coarse-grained hypidiomorphic biotite monzogranite.
On the basis of these studies we can conclude that the decrease of cement- and water demand as well as increase the quality factor as a component of composite binder with application of highly- magnesian raw material during sieving of silty fraction is achieved by reducing the content of biotite in the total mass (see Table.
The mineralization is hosted in a wide and intense zone of biotite hornfels with abundant pyrite and arsenopyrite within Knob Hill Formation sediments (Table 1).
2005b), who suggested the Biotite V supplementation at 2% can decrease the fecal noxious gas content in finishing pigs.
Quartz, feldspar, biotite, muscovite, garnet and other semiprecious stones are all possibilities.
If we know that the closure temperature for Ar retention in biotite is around 325[degrees]C and around 475[degrees]C for hornblende, it is possible to estimate the depths at which a given biotite- or hornblende-bearing rock attained these temperatures.
The metamorphosed alteration zones are characterized by the presence of various combinations of anthophyllite, cordierite, garnet, staurolite, biotite and/ or andalusite.
The presence of biotite particles suggests that biotite mica can survive even in kaolinitic ferruginous soils (Pal et al.
The main rock types of the zone are Al-rich gneisses (with biotite, cordierite, garnet, and sillimanite) and biotite-plagioclase gneisses; less abundant are amphibole gneisses, amphibolites, and quartz-feldspar gneisses.
A poor correlation between the concentration of Fe and As in groundwater from Semaria may be caused by the presence of dissolved Fe in groundwater, which may be partly derived from the weathering of biotite, and by the variable Fe:As ratio in dissolved FeOOH (McArthur et al.
The Lucerne pluton is predominantly comprised of a coarse-grained seriate hornblende, biotite granite with megacrystic feldspar crystals.
Concentrations in these minerals (amphibole-hornblende, biotite, and pyroxene) typically range from 5-100 parts per million scandium oxide equivalent.
Quartz Slate (metaarkose industrially often termed "quartzite" and "quartzite"), is a quartz and field patrik, metamorphic rock with rhythmic layer rich in mica (muscovite and / or biotite, glimmersjiktene is usually less than two millimeters thick) , separated by layers consisting essentially of quartz and / or feldspar.