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(ecology) a group of interdependent organisms inhabiting the same region and interacting with each other

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In our study, agriculture had an inverse (although not significant) correlation to biotic integrity.
In addition, viability and evidence of mechanistic activity of the synthetic biotic was demonstrated in feces of subjects who received SYNB1020, but not in control subjects.
The book, entitled "Ecology of climate change - the importance of biotic interactions" by Eric Post, fills this gap in the global change ecology.
Nate Cira, Stanford bioengineering doctoral student, took this idea and ran with it, designing a 10-week course on biotic game implementation for undergraduates.
Keywords: Biotic factors; Monocropping of aerobic rice; Nylon filter; Soil sicknessIntroduction
The topics include the genetic basis of disease resistance in maize, molecular breeding for Striga resistance in sorghum, the organization of genes conferring resistance to anthracnose in the common bean, enabling tools for the modern breeding of cowpea for biotic stress resistance, marker-assisted selection for disease resistance in lettuce, and the genetics and gene-mapping of disease resistance in brassicas.
Keywords: Felent Stream, silver, abiotic factor, biotic factor, silver bioaccumulation.
The new Super Biotic Smoothies will more than double the company's current offering of 14 smoothie flavors.
High priority will be given to improve biotic and abiotic and breeding material exchange.
Interactions with other organisms for example, infection or mechanical damage by herbivory or trampling, as well as effects of symbiosis or parasitism are consequences of biotic environmental factors.
Chidambaram in Lok Sabha today, has focused on augmentation of green revolution by proposing various measures like continuing support to green revolution in eastern india, crop diversification in original green revolution States, bridging yield gaps between investment in agriculture and national food security mission, integrated watershed programme, pilot programme on nutri-farms, establishing national institute of biotic Stress Management and a pilot scheme to replant and rejuvenate coconut gardens.
Park had argued that biotic processes of competition and co-operation to secure scarce resources, especially economic resources, fundamentally underpinned the extent and intensity of social relationships.
The $93-million Gulf Biotic facility will be constructed over 16,000-square metres at the Salman Industrial City.