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terrorism using the weapons of biological warfare

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5 billion to strengthen our ability to prevent and respond to a bioterrorism attack.
The new focus on bioterrorism will greatly stimulate research on immune-based treatments, neglected traditional medical approaches, and on completely new approaches as well.
The second edition of the Encyclopedia of Bioterrorism Defense provides complete coverage of bioterrorism and defense against it, spanning scientific, technological, clinical, legal, historical, and political aspects.
The threat of bioterrorism is for real and it is deadly as it has the potential to kill hundreds, thousands or even millions," said John Abbott, Chairman of the Bioterrorism Prevention Steering Group at Interpol.
But in some communities, the attention given to bioterrorism preparedness efforts and budget cuts have reduced the number of public health personnel, eliminated programs or diverted attention from other health concerns.
The second address leads to CDC'S newly redesigned bioterrorism Web site, which offers updated information for health professionals and the public.
Were a bioterrorism attack to take place today, reporters--and by extension, the public--could expect not experts and scientists, but more Tommy Thompson and more runaround.
Although the FBI didn't specifically request TIGR's help, Read and his colleagues have given their data to officials investigating the bioterrorism attacks.
Thomson medical divisions, Micromedex (Greenwood Village, CO) and Medical Economics (Montvale, NJ), have jointly produced three bioterrorism response information products for healthcare, medical and emergency response professionals.
Their bioterrorism campaign using Salmonella typhimurium caused illness in 751 people but no deaths.
Bioterrorism attacks may cause claims exposure in multiple insurance lines, but right now there are more questions than answers.
WASHINGTON -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is enlisting the aid of peer review organizations to speed the delivery of accurate clinical information on bioterrorism.
This volume collates seven lectures and four summaries of presentations from a November 2008 workshop on bioterrorism held at the NATO-affiliated Centre of Excellence--Defence Against Terrorism in Ankara, Turkey.
Abu Dhabi While the UAE does not face a bioterrorism threat, it is always wise to be prepared, a senior police official has said.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Bioterrorism in Millions of US$.
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