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Synonyms for biotechnology

the branch of molecular biology that studies the use of microorganisms to perform specific industrial processes

the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

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Not only is this 38-year old remarkably talented, as evidenced by his Young Biotechnologist of the Year award in March, we're fortunate to have him working on our shores, on products that have the potential to generate significant export returns.
Ashraf has described him biotechnologist and Genetics' specialist and Researcher par excellence while BSA Bajaj Secretary General has described him an important Pillar of Federation of Asian Biotech Associations.
A biotechnologist from Egypt said that the future of Botany and biotechnology seems bright in Pakistan, adding that students there are highly concerned about the environmental issues.
His dad Martin Longley, 30, a biotechnologist who is also a scout leader, said: "It will be a great experience.
Failure by African governments to prepare adequately may rob millions of people access to the vaccine, said Wilfred Mbacham, a public health biotechnologist from the University of Yaounde in Cameroon.
Ronald (a crop biotechnologist at the University of California, Davis) and Raoul W.
And, far from being the result of Western research being imposed on Africa, the project was spearheaded by Professor Florence Wambugu, a renowned Kenyan agricultural biotechnologist, who also heads the Africa Harvest Biotech International Foundation (AHBIF).
For the biotechnologist looking for insight into what he or she may face in the future, many of the chapters in Somsen's work can provide the answers.
A national newspaper reports that four of the 12 donors who responded to its questions ( Priory Clinics boss Chai Patel, Capita executive chairman Rod Aldridge, biotechnologist Sir Christopher Evans and stockbroker Barry Townsley ( wanted their cash returned with interest.
DNA testing company Sequence Bio won the Business Link 2005 Success Award and drug discovery company IntelliHep director Dr Andrew Powell scooped the award for Young Biotechnologist of Year.
But "Spider-Man" is a world apart from "The Hulk," who is really a brooding and brilliant young nuclear biotechnologist at Berkeley--a man who seems frozen between Stan Lee and Chekhov.
Kish had a 21-year career with Monsanto where he was president of the Nutrition Sector and chief biotechnologist.
Rose is an arthropod biotechnologist with the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of the U.
led by biotechnologist Dr Ian Wthe church's Society, Religion and Technology Project, said: "Society has given Geron and their collaborators certain rights.
The biotechnologist is able to intervene in the most basic life processes, manipulating the genetic material in embryos using needles, enzymes, solvents, radioactive probes and DNA blueprints.
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