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Synonyms for biotechnology

the branch of molecular biology that studies the use of microorganisms to perform specific industrial processes

the branch of engineering science in which biological science is used to study the relation between workers and their environments

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National Institute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Director Prof Dr Sohail Hameed emphasised the need for application of available biotechnological innovations and developing national capacity in this critically important field of agri-biotechnology, the report added.
The centrifuge machine is needed for producing medicines and biotechnological products but they (the western countries) do not provide us with the machine due to the sanctions (imposed against Tehran)," he told FNA at the time.
Further chapters look at how to isolate, extract, and use halophilic microorganisms; the biotechnological applications of cold-adapted bacteria; ecology and biochemistry of thermophiles; applications in food production, biofuels, textile substrates, industrial recovery of metals, polymer production, and radiation resistance.
He explores issues such as host plant resistance to insect pests, phenotyping transgenic plants and mapping populations for insect resistance, physico-chemical and molecular markers associated with insect resistance, the potential of insect-resistant transgenic crops for pest management, and the use of biotechnological tools.
From here we plan to expand our business into central Europe, which will become an increasingly important market for pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies in the course of the coming years," Voigt said.
tumefaciens" applications in genetic engineering, to DNA sequencing, to biological control of "Crown Gall", Agrobacterium tumefaciens: From Plant Pathology to Biotechnology is a seminal work that should be considered an invaluable, core addition to governmental, corporate, and academic research and reference collections in this specialized field of biological and biotechnological research.
Nordmark is specialized in biotech business and has experience in biotechnological production more than 10 years.
New high-flow conductive PP compounds have been launched for thin-wall injection molding of complex medical, electronic, and biotechnological devices.
It is in this framework that the Universite de Sherbrooke (UdeS) has created a new program called biotechnological engineering.
Applicants are encouraged to incorporate the recent scientific advances in developmental biology and genetics in their projects and to utilize the many research resources, bioinformatic databases, and biotechnological tools in their research cores.
This comprehensive book covers the more nonconventional, novel food and biotechnological applications.
It asks us to become sensitive to those who are further excluded because of changes to the structure of agriculture associated with biotechnological change.
Moreover, biotechnological manipulations threaten to reach into the fundamental character of animal species that have arisen in historically deep evolutionary and ecological contexts.
Later chapters comprehensively analyse the intellectual property of biobanks within the sphere of copyright; biotechnological inventions and research patentability; open data sharing in biobanks; and biobanks as commons or vault.
Macromolecules which include protein, RNA, DNA and nucleic acids undergo separation or are broken into smaller molecules, during production of commercially available biotechnological products.