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the branch of molecular biology that studies the use of microorganisms to perform specific industrial processes

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Today, biotech is big business in California and CPAs find themselves advising these economic stalwarts from within the industry giants and as their external trusted advisers.
GPC Biotech plans to initiate a Phase 1 trial evaluating a combination treatment of satraplatin and TAXOTERE in the next few months.
New Biotech Tools is the first major effort in the United States to identify leading-edge biotech processes and the benefits they are producing," said Brent Erickson, BIO's vice president for industrial and environmental biotechnology.
As such, New Jersey's emerging position as one of the nation's leading biotech centers promises a significant economic impact.
With conventional funding channels blocked, biotech companies are pursuing alternatives, such as private placements.
ZURICH, Switzerland & BOSTON -- In due time for this year's BIO 2007 in Boston, Massachusetts, Swiss Biotech, the biotech consortium of Switzerland, has released its annual report 2007.
GPC Biotech and Debiopharm have a good cultural and business fit and I am sure that this collaborative aspect will add to our efforts.
Biotech corporations have created a candy-coated marketing campaign so consumers can rationalize and accept biotech foods such as feeding the hungry of the world and increasing crop yields.
Despite the market uncertainty regarding GMO commodities, the wheat industry is buzzing with anticipation over its own pilgrimage into biotech territory which is expected within the next three years or so.
and the Continent, more than 70 sites where biotech plants were being tested, out of an estimated 150 to 200, "have been wholly or partly destroyed, with almost 50 in the past 12 weeks.
But Bock's observations is more a comment on the hype and expectation surrounding biotech than on the performance of Genentech itself.
A discussion of achievements and developments in the exciting new field of "white" - or industrial biotech - expected to be a major source of new products, and its convergence with "red" - or medical biotech.
GPC Biotech has extensive expertise in the cell cycle field, and the issuance of this patent strengthens our position in this family of small molecule compounds that may be important in the area of cell cycle control and anti-cancer drug development," said Sebastian Meier-Ewert, Ph.
This scene effectively captures the heart and soul of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a quiet city of 200,000 people commonly referred to as Canada's agricultural biotech capital.
May 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Pharmacia Biotech announced today that a federal jury in Newark, New Jersey has found Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.