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all the plant and animal life of a particular region

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The Daohugou Biota, like that of the Jehol fossils has extraordinarily intact skeletons including soft tissues and features.
The aim of the work is to evaluate the exposure dose rate of reference biota of the Ignalina NPP cooling basis--Lake Druksiai (within the range of ERICA computer code valid in the European Union) by applying probabilistic methods based on experimental data accumulated during 1989-2003 and taking into account ecotoxicologic investigation of Lake Druksiai water and bottom sediments.
Companies Biota has already talked to include GlaxoSmithKline, the licensee for Biota s first flu drug, Relenza, as well as Roche Holdings, maker of Tamiflu.
Biota is a world-leading antiviral drug discovery company with its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.
So-called lower termites rely on gut biota to help them digest the cellulose in wood, and they retain many features also found in cockroaches, the termite's closest cousins.
BIOTA HOLDINGS' chief executive officer Dr Hugh Niall says that despite the lower than expected half-yearly results for his company, he is optimistic about the future.
Among the introduced biota that would alter the Californian landscape were several species of eucalyptus, promoted both as ornamentals and for reforestation projects.
Religious traditionalists believe that the global biota were put here in one way or another by heavenly design, and secularists believe that it was self-assembled through evolution by natural selection.
The report emphasizes (1) the distribution of organochlorine compounds in relation to general land-use practices; (2) the characteristics of the aquatic biota used in the tissues analysis; and (3) the characteristics of the sediments analyzed.
Darwin's ideas have survived, but his biota, had they been the embodiment of his ideas, would have long since passed into oblivion.
Canada is committed to several national and international agreements to maintain the quality of the waters, sediments and biota which comprise marine ecosystems.
The effects of this process on the biota living in the sediments are little known, except where gross incidents of contamination have occurred.
Now in its fourth summer as a day camp, Camp Biota has four corporate day camp clients, all major international, national or regional companies that contribute significantly to the success of our day camp.
During the same years, ecologists began to appreciate anew the role of evolutionary processes in diversifying the biota and creating the conditions for healthy resilience, a key insight that would soon undergird Leopold's land-ethic philosophy.
As water declines in water bodies, ecological processes are changed and the biota can be drastically reduced, though species and populations may survive by using refuges.