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Dr Rueda is a Research Entomologist, Principal Investigator, and former Chief of the Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit, Entomology Branch, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research located at the Smithsonian Institution, Museum Support Center, Suitland, Maryland.
Research in animal biosystematics and advanced training in taxonomy
Center for Biosystematics and Biodiversity, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843-2258 (EWC, AHH, JRG) Inland Fisheries Division, Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Mountain Home, TX 78058 (GPG)
Kage, (1) Biosystematics and Medicinal Plant Laboratory, Department of Botany Gulbarga University, Gulbarga--585 106, Karnataka, India E-mail: dnkage@rediffmail.
Biosystematics Division, National Collection of Arachnida, Pretoria, South Africa.
EGG is an informal group of scientists, academics, researchers and graduate students, whose interests include ecological genetics, population genetics, popu- lation biology, biosystematics, conservation, molecular ecology and phylogeography.
Furthermore, electrophoretic band pattern can be used for biosystematics and population genetics (Bilgen and Celen, 1991; Tosun et al.
That they derive from indigenous wild stock is supported by biosystematics, genetic, and isozyme data, as well as seeds from north Florida greater than 12,000 years of age.
Hoberg, who is in the Biosystematics Unit of the Parasite Biology, Epidemiology, and Systematics Laboratory at Beltsville, Maryland, has made a remarkable discovery--one that contradicts long-held theories.
He accomplished this mission in twelve years by (1) creating and teaching new courses in advanced plant taxonomy and biosystematics at the Columbus campus, and in field botany and aquatic vascular plants added to the curriculum at the University's field station, The Franz Theodore Stone Laboratory, (2) establishing a research program with over $400,000 support from the National Science Foundation to study the systematics and evolution of the genus Silphium that resulted in six journal publications, (3) supervising eight MS and nine PhD degrees earned by thirteen students, and (4) making possible the hiring of Ronald L.
4), and on this biosystematic foundation to superimpose basic investigations and foster advanced training in biosystematics and ecology.
Other collection or occurrence data of sand fly specimens (including nontypes, from the Nearctic and Neotropical Regions) from the 2 repositories (USNMNH and MeFSCA) were also examined and recorded, and will be posted later to the Walter Reed Biosystematics Unit (WRBU)/VectorMap website (www.
biologists who are experts in the fields of cellular & molecular biology, plant anatomy & physiology, animal anatomy & physiology, ethology, genetics & evolution, ecology, ethology, and biosystematics.
Ramamurthy, ICAR Network Project on Insect Biosystematics, Division of Entomology, IARI, New Delhi, for the identification of this pest and Associate Professor R.