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Ramamurthy, ICAR Network Project on Insect Biosystematics, Division of Entomology, IARI, New Delhi, for the identification of this pest and Associate Professor R.
A biosystematic study of the origin of the diploid potato, Solanum ajanhuiri.
Because of its extensive collections and long history, the NMNH hosts entomologists and technicians from several other federal government agencies--including the Department of the Army's Walter Reed Biosystematic Unit, the Department of Commerce's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Interior Department's Fish and Wildlife Service.
Ecological, biosystematic, and nomenclatural notes on Scott's Spleenwort, X Asplenosorus ebenoides.
4), and on this biosystematic foundation to superimpose basic investigations and foster advanced training in biosystematics and ecology.
The system is called Biosystematic Information on Terrestrial Anthropods (BIOTA) and is designed to help USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service identify insects and mites.
Available through ISI Web of Knowledge(SM), BIOSIS Previews includes new searching and linking capabilities, such as biosystematic code, name, and concept code searching, along with the ability to select a specific time period for searching.
Biosystematic studies on the Simuliidae (Diptera) of the Amazonia onchocerciasis focus.
The framework for biosystematic research is abundant for the Pisidium genus, with important contributions on morphological-anatomical characters, taxonomic descriptions, and distributional ranges in South American countries (Ituarte 1995, Ituarte 1996, Ituarte 1999, Ituarte 2000, Ituarte 2001, Parada & Peredo 2002, Guralnick 2004, Ituarte 2004, Ituarte 2005, Ituarte & Korniushin 2006, Korniushin 2007), including paleodistribution to the Antarctic (Ashworth & Preece 2003).
In the end, it will be the integration of biosystematic, cytogenetic and genomic studies across the Cyperaceae that allows us to address the question of what role chromosome evolution plays in species diversification within Carex and the Cyperaceae as a whole.
A Biosystematic Investigation of the Adiantum pedatum complex in eastern North America.
The 159-page text, titled The Biosystematic Monograph of the Genus Cucumis, is published by Parkway Publishers of Boone, North Carolina.
Biosystematic studies on the Culex pipiens complex of China: Mathematical analysis of DV/D ratio of male genitalia.
Biosystematic studies on pteridophytes in Canada: progress and problems.