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production of a chemical compound by a living organism


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The new insights gained will set the stage for targeted interventions in curli -mediated biofilm formation and this research project will develop a new framework to harness the unique properties found in curli structure and biosynthesis for biotechnological applications as in patterned functionalized nanowires and directed, selective peptide carriers.
According to the research, during Th17 cell differentiation, cholesterol biosynthesis and uptake pathways along with enzymes that convert sterols to sterol sulfates are induced while genes controlling their metabolism and efflux are suppressed.
More than 200 PBAN-like peptides have been identified in other insects, such as cockroaches, but their pheromone biosynthesis activation function outside of moth species was unknown until now," he says.
The next step was to analyze the genome sequence of Wickerhamomyces ciferrii, which will help to get valuable information for the general understanding of sphingolipid biosynthesis.
Since many experiments to investigate the effects of metabolic engineering of morphine biosynthesis pathway enzymes, either through increased expression or gene silencing techniques has been done [5].
Risedronate and Zoledronate potently block isoprenoid biosynthesis, but are unable to get across the membrane of red blood cells to get to the parasite.
Their topics include functional metagenomics as a technique for the discovery of novel enzymes and natural products, principles of enzyme optimization for the rapid creation of industrial biocatalysts, enzyme catalysis in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients, enzymatic processes for producing pharmaceutical intermediates, drug discovery and development by combinatorial biosynthesis, and pathway and enzyme engineering and applications for glycodiversification.
Agriculture and Agri - Food Canada (Canada) has patented the use of a regulatory gene Lc and encoded protein to alter the biosynthesis and accumulation of flavonoids including anthocyanins and condensed tannins in plants and plant tissues, particularly in alfalfa, white clover, and other forage legumes which are similar in lacking native condensed tannin accumulation in leaves.
The recently discovered non-mevalonate pathway of isoprenoid biosynthesis serves as the unique source of terpenoids in numerous pathogenic eubacteria and in apicoplast-type protozoa, most notably Plasmodium, but is absent in mammalian cells.
Transferrin isoelectric focusing (TIEF) is generally applied in the screening for inborn errors in the biosynthesis of N-glycans, whereas apolipoprotein C-III (apoC-III) isoelectric focusing (IEF) can be used in the screening for inborn errors in the biosynthesis of mucin-type core 1 O-glycans (1).
In addition to the clear effects of substrate and cofactor identity and concentration on rubber biosynthesis, there are developmental and environmental effects to factor in as well.
He has made it his mission to uncover as much as he can about the biosynthesis of floral scents and the biological roles that these scents play.
Specific subjects in this area might include: Nematic ordered cellulose and varying levels of structure in the cellulosic phase, and the effect of structural modification on the physical chemistry of the cell wall during biosynthesis.
Data also showed that birds injected with synthetic ACTH had lower levels of GLO (L-gulonolactone oxidase) activity in their kidneys, implying that low levels of stress are capable of down-regulating ascorbic acid biosynthesis in the chicken.