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a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis

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We're laser focused on placing the best statistical programmers, biostatisticians, data managers, clinical research associates, project managers and scientists.
Further survey responses revealed that of these contracting companies with in-house biostatisticians, about 44 percent were involved in a supervisory role and 56 percent of the contracting biostatisticians were involved in a participatory fashion in the projects.
BioCor biostatisticians and medical writers will join UBC's growing roster of scientific experts.
These were well-organized groups, with strong section/program leadership and biostatisticians.
East makes it easy for biostatisticians and clinicians to:
The National Cancer Institute is seeking computer-related support for its biostatisticians, epidemiologists, geneticists and other professionals.
Standing: Senior physicians, senior administrators, biostatisticians.
Biostatisticians use the word evidence as a statistical concept.
Send manuscripts to at least three independent reviewers carefully chosen for their area of expertise, such as content specialists or biostatisticians.
Biostatisticians have used these models to examine treatment effectiveness and to analyze survival times resulting from laboratory studies of animals or from clinical studies of humans who have acute diseases.
The opening of our Geneva office builds on our established business in Europe and allows us to support locally-based clients with an experienced team of Biostatisticians and Programmers.
We are strongly committed to leveraging the domain and process knowledge of our experienced biostatisticians and medical writers to support AstraZeneca through improved decision-making, process standardization, consistency of delivery, and cost savings, which they can reinvest to support the fast, innovative, and efficient development of their R&D programs.
Precision Therapeutics has recently recruited key scientific research experts, biostatisticians and medical specialists to support their development efforts.
Contributors include oncologists, researchers, biostatisticians, clinical research administrators, and industry and FDA representatives.