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a South African movie theater

a kind of early movie projector

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The Bioscope Global Film Festival will be held till December 14 at the NDMC Convention Centre in Parliament Street.
In under one year they have over 450,000 app downloads and have launched eight apps: Alfie, Haathi & The Magic Bioscope, Appy Animals Hindi, Appy Animals Arabic, Zee's Alif Ba (Arabic), Appy Oceans Hindi, Appy Oceans Arabic,Alfie and Haathi Discover the Ocean, and Zee's Alphabet - U
When The O'Neill was released in the United Kingdom on February 25, 1912, The Bioscope described the plot, involving an Irish patriot who takes to highway robbery to raise money for the cause of Irish freedom, as "picturesque, romantic and altogether delightful.
These new capabilities are now available on all Bruker BioAFMs, including BioScope CatalystTM, Dimension FastScan Bio[TM], and MultiMode 8.
Thomas Leyland arrived in the village as a travelling showman with an electric bioscope and a set of marionettes in 1911 and stayed," Mike says.
Human whole-transcriptome reads were aligned to version 18 of the human genome (hg18) with the SOLiD BioScope software (version 1.
Well, this collection is called Bioscope Remix and I am trying to work on some thing which is very inspired from India.
19) Shailaja Paik, "Amchya Jalmachi Chittarkatha (Thc Bioscope of Our Lives): Who is My Ally", in Economic and Political Weekly, vol.
Beginning by showing films in the fairgrounds of South Wales, with a portable bioscope (cinema) show, he began making his own films in 1901 Movies including A Desperate Poaching Affray in 1903.
He also travelled around showing educational films brought from the US, which became known as "Plaatje's bioscope.
Stage plays with motion pictures on the bioscope as an added attraction were presented between 1912 and 1917, when following the end of a special return visit of the pantomime Robinson Crusoe on February 24, the change was made to revues and variety performances.
By now, Birnbeck Pier offered visitors a theatre of wonders, alpine railway, shooting gallery, park swings, merry go round, tea and coffee rooms, bar, bandstand, photographic studios, waterchute, flying machine, helter skelter, maze, bioscope, cake walk and zigzag slide.
Always on the look-out for something new, in 1906 the firm invested in a travelling Bioscope show, of which Ben's eldest son, George Aspland Howden, became manager.
The films were dried at room temperature, and their transmittance, hydrophobic ability, and morphology were measured by UV-visible spectrometer (UV 2501PC, Shimadzu, Japan), contact-angle meter (CA-A, Kyowa, Japan), and AFM (Nanoscope III[alpha] Bioscope, Digital Instruments, U.
But when the military came to power in Nigeria in 1970, this vibrant "corner bioscope culture" disappeared.