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a South African movie theater

a kind of early movie projector

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The actor, who enjoys dabbling in versatile genres, made the ideal personality to be present at Bioscope, a new concept introduced at IFFI 2017 this year.
The Bioscope Global Film Festival will be held till December 14 at the NDMC Convention Centre in Parliament Street.
When The O'Neill was released in the United Kingdom on February 25, 1912, The Bioscope described the plot, involving an Irish patriot who takes to highway robbery to raise money for the cause of Irish freedom, as "picturesque, romantic and altogether delightful.
2008) "The BioScope corpus: anotation for negation, uncertainty and their scope in biomedical texts".
29) This classical relationship between cinema and life highlights the authenticity of life as well as that of cinema as the medium that represents life in its most authentic way, and is pinpointed down among other things by the names of the technological precursors of the cinematograph such as the vitagraph, the bioscope, the vitamotograph, the biocam, the animatograph, the zoopraxiscope, or the biograph.
These new capabilities are now available on all Bruker BioAFMs, including BioScope CatalystTM, Dimension FastScan Bio[TM], and MultiMode 8.
Thomas Leyland arrived in the village as a travelling showman with an electric bioscope and a set of marionettes in 1911 and stayed," Mike says.
Human whole-transcriptome reads were aligned to version 18 of the human genome (hg18) with the SOLiD BioScope software (version 1.
76) 'The Very Latest: Our Impressions of this Week's Pictures', The Bioscope, 24 June 1909, 39.
Between 1908 and 1909 he directed and acted in western films for the Lux studio and played Buffalo Bill in a five part series with the Safety Bioscope Company.
Use of hand painted letters, street signage; vernacular scripts mixed with contemporary, present day and futuristic fonts add the Bioscope twang all the way.
19) Shailaja Paik, "Amchya Jalmachi Chittarkatha (Thc Bioscope of Our Lives): Who is My Ally", in Economic and Political Weekly, vol.
IRIS models for Innova and BioScope Catalyst Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) from Veeco Instruments provide integration and accessibility for combined atomic force microscopy and Raman spectroscopy research.
Beginning by showing films in the fairgrounds of South Wales, with a portable bioscope (cinema) show, he began making his own films in 1901 Movies including A Desperate Poaching Affray in 1903.
He also travelled around showing educational films brought from the US, which became known as "Plaatje's bioscope.