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Stefan Moisyadi, a veteran bioscientist at UH medical school's Institute for Biogenesis Research (IBR), said in the statement.
For the bioscientist using animals in research, instituting a program of professional continued oversight is not only required by law, it is also the best insurance to provide optimal animal care and mitigate risk," explains Dr.
Dr Campbell Tang, pictured right, Principal Bioscientist at CPI and Technical Lead for Marine IB, said: "There is an increasing trend of exploiting the richness of the ocean to replace petrochemicals and fossil fuels.
The long-running debate in journals and in the media between economist Julian Simon of Harvard University and bioscientist Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University included wagers over evidences supporting their convictions.
Placed ninth in a list that includes the likes of Watson and Crick's ground-breaking DNA work and the birth of the first working computer, one fellow bioscientist last night predicted Evans' findings would be even higher up the list in years to come.
Despite the vital importance of the emerging area of biotechnology and its role in defense planning and policymaking, no definitive book has been written on the topic for the defense policymaker, the military student, and the private-sector bioscientist interested in the "emerging opportunities market" of national security.
His determination to do something positive led to a chance meeting with Dr Slater, an entrepreneurial bioscientist.
Austin recalls a French bioscientist summing up the megaregional imperative by noting: "It takes 25 million people to make a good fight in the world.
At least one American bioscientist has described the lack of IP harmony between Brazilian industry and the Government of Brazil as reflecting the 'two faces of Brazil'.
RESEARCH: Bioscientist Dr Eithne Costello Picture: TONY KENWRIGHT
Professor Bruce Caterson, a bioscientist at Cardiff University, says: 'In health terms, there has been a change in attitudes and I believe we will see these changes really take off in 2004.
John Pierce, Chief Bioscientist at BP, sponsors of the Biological and Biomedical Sciences award, said, "As a major UK recruiter and investor in research and development, we believe it is essential to nurture the best technical talent.
Bioscientist and novelist Sunetra Gupta, Rolls-Royce engineering director Liz Watson and Sarah Baillie, who invented a model of a cow's rear end to help veterinary students, will talk about their work at Aston University.
Unite union, including nurses, paramedics, bioscientists, therapists and NHS chaplains, will take part.
Members of the Unite union, which include paramedics, nurses, bioscientists, therapists and NHS chaplains, will take part in the action.