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9) Atwood's post-apocalyptic society in the MaddAddam books dramatizes the impact of bioscientific advances, while addressing the divide between the sciences and the humanities, with the latter occupying an inferior place in the context of the overpowering technological corporations that rule the postecocide world, divided into the gated communities of the wealthy and the "pleeblands" (Oryx and Crake, 27).
The new distribution partnerships have been announced with Japan's Takara Bio and Scrum Inc, as well as Shanghai Pufei Bio-Technology Co in China, Unimed Healthcare in Taiwan, KDR Biotech Co in Korea and BioScientific Pty in Australia.
Even if 'Electrology or localized electrisation'--the original terminology for EMG--could be the oldest (if not the oldest) bioscientific detection and measurement technique, it has remained for very long and until a few decennia ago, a rather 'supporting' measurement with limited discriminating qualifications always to be used in conjunction with other measuring methods.
Among the specific topics addressed are the role of geographically overlapping markets for a municipality's diversity in retail and durables; opportunities for cross-border collaboration in support of Irish micro-enterprises; telecommunications and regional disparities in an era of globalization; spatial policies, planning, and urban competitiveness in London; regional research and development outsourcing in bioscientific industries; agglomeration economies and firm growth in the Dutch information and communication technology industry; and competition and cooperation in economic development among local jurisdictions in a large urban area.
In these days of bioscientific miracles, it might be worth exploiting the possibility of combining the two to make a reliable World Cup player.
Instead, in a trenchantly post-Foucauldian and (highly qualified) New Historicist reading, tuberculosis and neurasthenia are presented as influential agents in the bioscientific mediation of politics and the regulation of behaviour.
bioscientific senior researcher, Department of Neurology at Henry Ford Hospital.
The 150th anniversary of Darwin's Origin of Species attracted much attention in 2009, but just one year before the arrival of this influential treatise another Victorian bioscientific "bestseller" appeared in the form of Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical by Henry Gray.
Gas exchange characteristics were measured 4-6 h during the 12 h photoperiod using a LCi (ADC, Bioscientific, England) portable photosynthesis system (block temperature 25 [degrees]C, C[O.
Coefficients obtained by removing this 30% subset and re-estimating differed insignificantly in Wald tests from those drawn from the full sample, suggesting the results apply to a comparatively broad range of bioscientific work.
Given the high rate of new facility construction and slower growth in hiring at Eli Lilly, most job growth in health care is occurring in the services delivery area instead of bioscientific research and life science enterprise creation.
Now that medicine does work in new, sometimes frightening, sometimes morally ambiguous, ways, doctors have become something they have never been before: they are still what they have always been--shamans, comforters, healers, guides through the transitions of birth, illness and death--but today they are also purveyors of the products of the bioscientific revolution.
The standard bioscientific paradigm was worked out in order to help us understand-and control-the world around us.
In the early 1970s, students with a biosocial orientation as opposed to a bioscientific orientation were more likely to enter primary care.
Escalante previously served as South Western Region Sales Manager for BioScientific, Inc.