biosafety level 2

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exposure to infectious agents that can cause disease in humans but whose potential for transmission is limited

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8 million facility, which will contain biosafety Level 2 and Level 3 laboratories.
The expansion will add to the current 44,000 sq ft site and be Biosafety Level 2 compliant, allowing manipulation the of human pathogens.
Biosafety level 2 (BSL-2) precautions are recommended for laboratories and persons who manipulate nonattenuated strains of vaccinia virus (10).
Contract notice: Supply, installation and network connection power, sewer and water laboratory biosafety level 2 (biomEdulo), awarded by the ministry of economy and competitiveness through scientific-technical aids and equipment infaestructuras for the state program of development scientific and technical research excellence, co-financed with the european regional development fund (erdf) call 2013 (state plan for research, science and technology and innovation (2013-2016).
A biosafety level 2 (BSL2) is a general laboratory area, but a BSL3 would be a very specialized environment and needs to be segregated from other non-BSL3 space (i.
The new facility is over 18,200 sqft total with 5 biological R and D laboratories including biosafety level 2 (BSL2) capabilities.
The experiments involving the use of serum samples from patients with SARS were performed within the safety cabinet of a biosafety level 2 laboratory.