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examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease

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Today, 43 states allow for the use of bioptic telescopic lenses by motor vehicle operators.
Several bioptic samples were collected; standard histopathologic examination demonstrated epithelioid neoplastic proliferation with a tubulopapillary pattern (Figure 1), suggesting metastatic peritoneal adenocarcinomatosis.
To help move customers quickly through the checkout process and eliminate the challenge of trying to align the bar code "just right," the MP6000 will provide full six-sided coverage with 100 percent imaging technology offering excellent performance and better read rates than laser or hybrid bioptic scanners on damaged, poorly printed and overwrapped bar codes.
b The system on the right is a bioptic and on the left is a normal distance telescopic spectacle
Among the companies specializing in lasers for MALDI are Thermo Laser Science and bioptic lasersysteme AG.
In the bioptic material, the histopathologic diagnosis of this variant may be difficult to make, since a variety of clear cell tumors metastasize to the pleura.
In Casale, thoracoscopy was the standard diagnostic procedure for pleural effusions, providing adequate bioptic samples (27).
CSCs will be measured through cytofluorimetry in samples of bioptic tissue, which will be subjected to PCR-RT and/or immunohistochemistry and to the dosage of: epithelial-mesenchymal markers, of the serine/threonine protein-kinase AKT, of the focal-adhesion-kinase(FAK) and of receptor CXR1 levels.
SMTs for distance viewing are available in full-diameter and bioptic designs.
Two types of interventions are relevant to drivers with AMD, namely, educational programs that are designed to promote safe driving skills among elderly people who may have functional and medical impairments and training in the use of bioptic telescopes for driving.
For those looking for more accuracy and security at the front end, the new generation of the NCR RealScan 76 bioptic scanner promises to increase cashier productivity while adding efficiency and protection during checkout.
Bioptic Lasersysteme AG recently introduced the bioscope, a dedicated Q-switched Er:YAG laser system for IR-MALDI.
Datalogic's trade secret lawsuit alleges that Metrologic wrongfully and knowingly possessed and used confidential information, belonging to Datalogic, relating to costs, and margins, as well as competitive positioning and sensitive information respecting customers for bioptic, single plane, and other classes of scanners sold by Datalogic.
Bioptic telescopes are miniature telescopes that are typically monocular and mounted at the top of a carrier lens above the wearer's line of sight.
Datalogic's action for misappropriation of its trade secrets arises out of the actions of an ex-Datalogic employee subsequently employed by a Metrologic affiliate through whom Metrologic came to wrongfully possess and use confidential information belonging to Datalogic relating to costs, margins, and related competitive positioning and information respecting customers for bioptic, single plane, and other classes of scanners sold by Datalogic.