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examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease

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Fifty-one biopsied embryos were transferred into 25 recipient goats on the same day that the embryos were collected and sex of the kid was confirmed after parturition.
However, new research shows that a modified cryopreservation method increases the survival of frozen biopsied embryos.
Lymphatic mapping is a procedure in which lymph nodes that may contain tumor metastases are identified and biopsied to determine if cancer has spread beyond the primary tumor.
Many skin conditions are benign, but these symptoms should be assessed and may need to be biopsied to ensure that skin is healthy and to identify the condition.
Five days after fertilization in vitro, 7 embryos were biopsied and all samples were shipped to BGI for preimplantation sequencing.
The image is then compared against a database of more than 10,000 biopsied lesions and 600 confirmed melanomas to provide the dermatologist with an immediate reading.
16 participants will be biopsied for gene expression of skin aging markers and 12 participants biopsied for histopathology analysis to assess structural characteristics and molecular markers associated with skin aging.
Intraoperatively, a friable white mass surrounded with purulence and granulation tissue was biopsied and returned as SCC.
Researchers at Weill Cornell Medical College have shown that the presence of a particular protein in biopsied prostate tissue substantially increases the likelihood that cancer will develop in that organ.
On day 3 representative wound per category were biopsied with a 4-mm punch situated so half of the punch was over the wound and half over adjacent tissue.
Lodge and lead author Stephanie Perez, graduate student in his laboratory, biopsied tissue from rat fetuses, isolated cells from the tissue and injected the cells into a brain center called the hippocampus.
No differences were observed between samples biopsied with the 2 needle sizes (P [greater than or equal to] 0.
Of the vitamin D-treated subjects, 55% had fewer cancerous cores in their biopsied tissue or improved Gleason scores (which evaluate the prognosis of cancerous prostate tumors) at the end of the trial.
Biopsied heart cells improved heart function and reduced scars: Trials show cells can be purified and replaced in patient's heart.
Modified human cells helped the signaling and structure of heart cells, which were biopsied from elderly patients.