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a physicist who applies the methods of physics to biology

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In addition to the Cairo group at the U of A, teams led by mathematician Dan Coombs (University of British Columbia), biochemist Jon Morrow (Yale University Medical School) and biophysicist David Golan (Harvard Medical School) all contributed to the study.
Jerry Jacobson, biophysicist and inventor, announced today the results of studies on the effect of extremely low intensity electromagnetic fields on the restoration of forelimb grip strength, and radial nerve ultrastructure in mice with induced motor neuropathy.
These ionic channels act like very specific receptors for DHA and are opened by the binding of the omega-3 fatty acids," Biophysicist Heinemann explained.
But closer inspection with a scanning electron microscope revealed that the presumed amethyst is colored glass (an exotic material at the time), say biophysicist Sebastian Warmlander of Stockholm University and his colleagues.
Harry Sagheb, a 70-year-old retired biophysicist told Wale he likes to help children, and hopes his donation will prompt others to give.
Ivan Vesely, a PhD biophysicist internationally recognized for his research in the field of bioprosthetic heart valves.
One of Chen's team members, biophysicist Moon Kim, brought his expertise in remote sensing of vegetation to ARS from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, where his work also involved sensing photosynthetic pigments, on plants.
ROMEO and Juliet hunk Leonardo DiCaprio is to play Theodore Hall, the American biophysicist who passed secrets to the Soviets while working on the development of the atomic bomb.
Joe Brand, a biophysicist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, and colleagues analyzed the genes that make cats' sweet-detecting receptors.
The gallery will host two events this month, the first being a student art exhibit and the second a fundraising event featuring Hugh Herr, an MIT biophysicist and engineer who has made groundbreaking advances in bionic prosthesis.
Biophysicist Walter Gratzer examines some of the most shocking episodes in the history of science, and explains how these "discoveries" spread through a sober and respectable scientific community.
The inquest was told that Prof Lowy, a biophysicist at the Open University who had been suffering terminal leukaemia for several months, had been given just weeks to live.
Morphy Richards had assembled an expert team of witnesses at Birmingham County Court, including the most 'eminent cardiologist' in the country, biophysicist and a psychiatrist to prove that Danquah's case was a fraud.
As reported in Technology Review, biophysicist Britton Chance is developing a technology that can track this flow of blood through infrared light, thus detecting deceit.
To investigate where free radical damage occurs, biophysicist Kerry Hanson of the Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign peered into different depths of skin with a two-photon laser fluorescence imaging microscope.