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a physicist who applies the methods of physics to biology

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The biophysicist and biologist believes that there are many undiscovered areas in his field of research and wants to develop new methods to explore them.
The vision of the biophysicists was to create a cell-like model with a biomechanical function.
In 1970, Fritz-Albert Popp, a German theoretical biophysicist, discovered that benzo[a]pyrene, a potent carcinogen, absorbs ultraviolet light at one wavelength and emits it at another.
Operation INFEKTION, as it was known, found one in Jakob Segal, a respected East German biophysicist.
At the ARS Children's Nutrition Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, biophysicist Kenneth J.
Brahmachari, a biophysicist, said the research started as a health intervention, seeing the plight of rickshawpullers prone to ill health and diseases such as tuberculosis (TB).
8 Which sci-fi thriller features biophysicist and FBI Special Science Adviser Dr Jacob Hood brought in to investigate scientific crimes .
and Philip Miner, a senior research biophysicist at Unilever HPC North America's Skin Global Innovation Center in Trumbull, CT.
Led by YudRen Chen, the team includes biophysicist Moon Kim, agricultural engineer Kuanglin Chao, and visiting scientists from around the globe.
They instead rely on 180 skin receptors to pinpoint prey, says Leo van Hemmen, a biophysicist at the Technical University of Munich in Germany.
Morphy Richards had assembled an expert team of witnesses at Birmingham County Court, including the most 'eminent cardiologist' in the country, biophysicist and a psychiatrist to prove that Danquah's case was a fraud.
In Body Heat : Temperature And Life On Earth, biophysicist Mark Blumberg's exploration of temperature in the world considers the many ways temperature rules the lives of animals, from how penguins survive Antarctic winters to why people survive drowning accidents in winter, but not in summer.
As reported in Technology Review, biophysicist Britton Chance is developing a technology that can track this flow of blood through infrared light, thus detecting deceit.
To investigate where free radical damage occurs, biophysicist Kerry Hanson of the Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign peered into different depths of skin with a two-photon laser fluorescence imaging microscope.
The inquest was told that Prof Lowy, a biophysicist at the Open University who had been suffering terminal leukaemia for several months, had been given just weeks to live.